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Shuttle Keeps Exploading


So I built a Shuttle in the SPH and launched it a few times no problems, I since loaded it up into the VAB and it blows up after 20 seconds, I noticed that the batteries offset was so out they were floating in midair. At first I thought it was the SRB cluster but now I'm no so sure as even just sending the Shuttle alone down the runway with no SRB's or main fuel tank it rips apart....

Could it be that my craft file has been corrupted moving it back and forth between the SPH and the VAB?


I'm not using alot of mods really, McJEB, Kerbal Engineer, Scatter/EVE, I did have real plums and lighting which I have since uninstalled.


The craft file if anyone is interested https://kerbalx.com/Vichard/Shuttle-Full-Assembly-v2Broken-Do-Not-Download


Edit: So I think I've found the issue but have no idea how to rectify it, it seems there's something wrong with the Big-S Elevon as seen here - https://imgur.com/tOtnHSr - if I try to remove that part and launch the Shuttle the game doesn't load properly and I'm left looking at this... - https://imgur.com/1F1tw68


Anyone encountered this before?


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