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Liked Total Annihilation? Then you'll love this!

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Looks good, but I hope there's a lot more to the game than what they just showed.

Like a lot more. I like my RTS games to have TONS of content

Well if they generate the planets/planetoids procedurally like they said/showed in the video you certainly won't lack new maps ;). With a standard approach (unsing a 64bit seed for random map generation) you'd end up with ~ 1.844 *10^19 maps. And I'd imagine that each of the stretch goals adds something nice content wise (new units, etc).

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I've never been this excited for a game after just seeing the first second of the trailer before. I put down $50 and now I can't stop thinking about how happy it makes me. TA is still my favorite RTS ever even though I loved Red Alert to death.

It's amazing that even Supcom doesn't give the same sense of scale that some of the TA maps had. If this gives you an entire solar system to play on then it may even exceed TA.

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There over 3/4s of the way to their goal now... and its only 10 days in. It looks like the are going to meet their target! Hopefully they can also meet at least a few of their stretch goals as well.

I am SOOOO exited for this game!!!! Almost as exited as i am for KSP .17 :P

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.. there is JUST the Game you guys might be interested in:


Want to deorbit an Asteroid and drop it on Jeb? Go on, thats actually a viable strategy as far as the trailer is concerned..

(I know, it needs a mod with little green men..other than that, perfect :)

Just looks at moon on vid and thinks if it can be flang at it?(evil look on face)will if I hade a PayPal I will pay for it just to fling 150KM rocks with ion war heads on at earth like rocks that is all I see them as very big rocks that I can fling at staf

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Count me in. It looks fun, but replayability will all hinge on the gameplay. I hope it is filled with cunning strats and anti-strats.

I went looking for the Planetary Annihilation thread in the Games Games Games subforum yesterday and didnt see it there so I started one but now I feel foolish.

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I'm excited by the prospect. It looks like it will be a lot of fun, and they likely will be making their goal today, which will give them 2 more weeks to reach their stretch goals. I've noticed that Kickstarter projects typically get most of their moneya t the beginning, and end, especially if someone with a large following endorses it, (like what happened with the board game Ground Floor, and Tycho from Penny Arcade bringing it to his readers attention, they raised something like 40000 in the last 3 or 4 days and this was for a niche board game)

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Looks like another great sandbox space game. Not sure about all the killing, but it's still in dev, I'm sure they fix that.

JK, I used to play TA as a kid, but I would always get beaten because I was more interested in the building of an awesome base with heaps of tech than I was in the killing.

Anyone interested in games from that era should also check out Jetpack 2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adept/jetpack-2

I spent so much time playing the original loderunner inspired jetpack based platformer with the best level editor ever!

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I love how a large portion of their website is all about how people "Can't throw money fast enough at them", or "when we get this much money, we'll add this!!!"

Think I'll keep my money, thanks.

I think you need to learn to loosen up. They have to get money so they can make and sell what looks to be an awesome game. And, funnily enough, there's not much ON their website. They're trying to impress on people just how awesome people think their game could be.

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Remember there isn't even a game yet. All there is was, is was the video and a few ideas. They could not afford to do this without kickstarter. PERIOD. The money is needed to make the game. I don't think many people realize how expensive it is to do anything. Salaries, utilities, licenses, VAs, Testers, loss of revenues from the lack of work on SMNC, etc. 900k to make a game of this size is quite impressive.

EDIT: Are strike throughs not enabled on this board?

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To all the people thinking this publisher needs the money to make it, wrong

kick-starter is just an easy way of getting the word out and hype people with getting some cash for it as well

sure they are no valve, but these guys are uber entertainment... not a few guys in a basement... these guys have the experience and the methods to get a game like this funded no matter what

ether way, i donated 40$

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This says otherwise.

That wasn’t the case with Planetary Annihilation, as that initial amount was the minimum the team needed to create the game. “If we couldn’t raise $900k, we couldn’t do the game. It was really that simple. Even 900, that’s not a huge budget,†Mavor explained.
“I priced, honestly, as cheaply as I could. I was originally thinking about coming at $1.5 million, but I thought that might be a little too much. But I’d like to be there,â€Â
“It is a very small amount of money, actually,†he admitted. “I’m pretty confident in my ability to write the game by myself. We can keep the team small enough that the budget is realistic. The game is very much designed to be cheap to make. We could spend $3 million on a single player campaign without breathing hard, and that’s why there’s no single-player campaign. There is only one faction, procedurally generated planets, all these things make it cheaper. And if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s the tech stuff.â€Â

1.5 million just to comfortably make the game, and they're just barely reaching that from Kickstarter pledges at this moment; if it started at 1.5M, they'd probably have less than they have now from causing scepticism. Don't forget that PayPal donations do not count to what they make in Kickstarter until after the pledging cycle ends. They're fortunate that they stuck with a goal that is still higher than the average Kickstarter project and managed to not only meet their initial goal, but nearly reach what they first planned on requesting.

This is one of Uber's developers saying that they probably needed more money to start the project, so guess who's actually wrong?

Stretch Goal, get!

About 15 minutes ago, the team reached 1.5 million pledges. As previously mentioned, this was planned to be the original goal for the Kickstarter event, until they reduced it to 900k.

With this, they have met the stretch goal for metal and lava planets, bringing back two very familiar territories last seen in Total Annihilation.

The next objective: Galactic War. Four days remaining.

Here's hoping that the PayPal donators have offered enough support to make even this a possibility.

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