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[WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

Rudolf Meier

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So here's the thing...

I love this mod and his amazing features, I think it adds a whole new level of mechanics to the game that expand your creativity designs.

OBJECTIVE:  A cargo lifter from the ground into the cargo bay of Tundra Exploration's Starship. The design is more or less acceptable apart from it coming through the walls of the rocket. This design was from 9 months ago, and it's pretty much the same up to this date.

I've only found one issue, it's not the video's case though. The max force input it's not enough for me, IR is too weak for some of my payloads to be lifted up and fold itself into the cargo bay. SOOOOO if found a solution, or what I thought it would be. Looking into the IR parts' .cfg I found some lines regarding the force input for the robotics, so I cheated and changed to the max number I could think it'd work without breaking it.

		factorForce = 999999
		maxForce = 999999
		forceLimit = 999999

The truth is... I don't even know what I did there, it just allowed me to increase my robotics strenght in-game.

THE REAL PROBLEM: The force settings in-game are by default the lowest, and so every time I want to increase the force value I have to press the increase button which increases it 5 by 5 points. I usually reach numbers of 1000 points of force just for one robotic part. Too much work for one single part, besides, sometimes I have EXTREMELY HEAVY payloads, that not even with 3000 points of force will bend it up like in the video.

MY QUESTION: Is there a way I can change the default force value of every part's .cfg? or, A way in which I can change the increase button parameters so every time I press it, it increases 1000 points instead of 5?


I'D REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP HERE. Let me know what you think.

Thank you'all :)

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19 hours ago, Xt007 said:

You could write a mm config to do this.  A simple After: IR polling modules that match and setting the new value

I dunno how to write code, is it too long? What should I put in it?

If you could please facilitate a template to me so I could change the part name?

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On 7/26/2019 at 11:16 PM, Kerbalistic said:

I'm having an issue where the Force setting on the robotic parts decrease everytime I load the machine onto the world, to the point where it reaches the minimum in about 3 launches and I have to set it up again.

Oh and I managed to solve the issue that caused the question (dumb installation mistake, it was stupid) so ignore that :P

How did you solve it?

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