Blowing Stuff Up

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Sup KSP forumers and today we will blow some stuff up. Here is a little tutorial on how to make a missiel.


1. Probodobodyne HECS

2. Advance nosecone type-A

3. FL-T400 fuel tank (x2)

4. LV-T45 "Swivel" Liquid Fuel Engine

5. Launch Stability Enhancers


  1. take the Probodobodyne HECS and place it in the of the VAB.
  2. attach the FL-T400 fuel tanks to the bottom of the Probodobodyne 
  3. Add the “Swivel “ liquid fuel engine under the assembly 
  4. turn symmetry to two and attach the LSE on the side
  5. Finaly add the nose cone to the top and head to the launch pad.



turn on SAS by clicking T and full throttle by clicking Z. Then launch your missiel and right away press T and tilt towards a building of your choice and head right to it. When you crash, the missiel will explode and destroy the building.


when you go back to your space center, click the building you blew up and at the bottom it should say, repair facilitie. Click it and your done.

thanks for reading this weeks KSP forum. See ya next week


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Some off-topic posts have been removed from this thread. If you feel the content of a thread is not helpful, simply skip to the next thread. There's no call for being harsh to the person attempting to offer help to fellow KSP players. 

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Thanks for the tutorial, @NASAbulbafan! May I suggest adding a picture of your creation?

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