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Trouble with offset in Unity

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Forgive me, I'm brand-new to Unity.

I'm wanting to create  new cockpit internals using RPM and ASET, I'm encountering a problem when I upload the Mk 1-2 cockpit, or at least that what I assume I'm uploading when I choose "PodCockpit."

When I do that, I end up with the props and the "Size2PodBorder" locating outside of the interior model. On top of that, the Size2PodBorder seems skewed

Here's a screenshot:

If you zoom in to the location of the Move Tool, you'd see the base internal props. 

I haven't done anything else to the basic structure of it, and it runs fine when I boot up KSP. The same thing is happening when I uploaded with RPM and ASET props included. I tried it on others, and it's happening on Cupola but strangely enough not on the Mk 1 Pod cockpit.

Any ideas?

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