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1.3.1 JDSA FlightTech

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What's up people?

It's ya boy (yes...the same) and trying my hand at a few mods and guess it is time to open a forum for this. If I forget to update this, SOMEONE NUDGE ME!


JDSA Ballistanks


Have you ever wanted to sink your craft without all  the extra parts that come with other mods? This tank does the trick. Put one on either end or balance your craft. Add some electrical charge and you are ready to sink. Right click or set to an action group and sink your craft in seconds. Perfect for that underwater base!



Don't want to add new parts? Want to submerge with Stock parts? Tired of Ore? Well Now! Welcome to SinkEmAll!

Requires: Module Manager!!!! (included)




JDSA Point VTOL Engine

https://spacedock.info/mod/1696/JDSA Point VTOL Engine

The newer of the series! The Point VTOL Engine is a surface mountable 10kN air breathing engine that, with enough, will lift your craft off the ground or propel you forward for whatever nefarious deeds you may devise! It's now as simple as placing the engine and sliding the placement to balance your thrust. 


JDSA Liquid Fuel Cell

https://spacedock.info/mod/665/JD Liquid Fuel Cell

Tired of having to lug around oxidizer to generate electrical charge for your full electric props or wheels? JDSA has ya covered! With the fuel cell needed nothing more than liquid fuel and having it's own built in intake vent and storage batteries, gone are the days where you have to include oxidizer, extra batteries and extra space. 


ALL MODS - License: MIT


I finally made a forum page for these mods...finally...

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Hi, Enjoying your sink em all mod. I make heavy use of Configurable containers mod to reduce parts. So this mod missed most of my parts.


So messing about I came up with this configuration that would add liquids for these parts.

            name = Liquids
            amount = 0.00
            maxAmount = 100.0

I also made this modification to your existing config. This will allow you to add liquid based on the amount of Liquid fuel in the tank. See below


Dry Weight 0.5t

Wet 4.5t(LF-360, Ox-440)

With the multiplier of 0.1 below, this would add 36 Liquid. Since 2 liquid = 1 ton, The tank would have 18tons of liquid added when filled. This might be helpful in balancing 1.25m tanks up to 10m instead of just 100 Liquid in each part, also for Center of Mass considerations. It basically Copies LiquidFuel, Renames it to Liquids, and adds a multiplier to it.

         @name = Liquids
        @amount = 0.00
        @maxAmount *= 0.1

I am trying to find a way to do this with ModuleTankManager but no luck so far. It uses volume inside of a module which I cant rename to do as above. I would probably need to add liquids to his mod and try that way, but it's more effort than I want to go through right now.

I also excluded FSfuelSwitch since it seems to finds those parts and adds liquids but does not appear to load them when placing in VAB/MAB. It must be the way it switches out the resources.

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Hi Jatwaa,

I installed your Version 2 KSP 1.42. I was having some trouble. I don't seem to have a resource config for CompressedLiquids or Intake Air so they wont load. I can only fill my tanks using the Kerbal Seat, and it looks like the ModuleGenerator was removed from command modules. I only have a ModuleResourceConverter that turns CompressedLiquids into IntakeAir.

I also noticed you credited me on the one patch. Thanks. Since my name is there, I updated the patch and made it a bit more fail safe. As I have command modules that use module manager, I was getting it applied. It was also applying to some other mods which have it installed that might not want it. I am not sure where you are going with this mod as I cannot read your mind.


I don't want to over step any boundaries, but here is a list of deficiencies I found. 


No resource configs for CompressedLiquids or IntakeAir so they do not load.

The Liquid fuel, MonoPropellant, and Xenon Gas tanks all have CompressedLiquids as a resource, but Module Manager is still Liquids.


These two part searches is missing something between "MonoPropellant]]:[!RESOURCE". I do not know what " : " is being used for. Maybe :HAS or a , but it is ignoring the [!RESOURCE[CompressedLiquids]]:Final part of the argument.




The command module no longer has Module Generator and just a ModuleResourceConverter. So my only option to fill the tanks with Liquids is to use the KerbalSeat, but I have no way of fill the CompressedLiquids tanks if they had loaded. 


It looks like you were converting everything to CompressedLiquids and then were going to use ModuleResourceConverter to convert CompressedLiquids into IntakeAir. I can only guess you shipped the wrong projects folder as this one seems incomplete and broken.

It also shipped with ModuleManager.3.0.5. 


I sent you a private message with a link on the changes that I made. I hope you can look it over.



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So looks like SinkEmAll is supposed to be paired with Moist, as it is included in that mod. I only had this mod installed and it was not working for me.

Many of the changes made are more fleshed out in MOIST, but SinkEMAll standalone does not function for me properly.

As per my message, some things I feel could work better. Like using the configs for converting in game tanks, breaking out the pumps from the command modules into parts. So you can multiply them, damage them, loose them upon reentry. 

I should also refrain from 2am postings, just wanted to restore my little Atlantis Base again on my install as it floated to the surface and I could not sink it.



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@Jatwaa Visual issue: one of the numbers in the node_attach line for the fuel cell's config is round the wrong way. This makes the air intake and radiator vents appear inside the surface they're attached to instead of facing outward. The line should appear as shown below (1 should be -1). The 0.05 doesn't need to be changed, as it is interpreted with respect to the node's direction.

node_attach = 0.0, 0.05, 0.0, 0, -1, 0


Also, the link to the Point VTOL Engine is broken (404 error).

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On 5/6/2020 at 11:17 AM, Jebidiah kerman said:

could you make the tanks avalable in multiple diferent sizes other than just mk1?


Tweakscale could help with that...

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