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Possible Cause Of Multiple Bugs



So speaking to a few people on the facebook group (Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition (Console)).

Some people have experienced very minor bugs on console (no game breaking bugs).

We got into discussion, and these people hadn't turned on advanced tweakables. when i asked them to turn them on they both started experiencing game breaking bugs.

I'm curious if there is anyone here experiencing major bugs with advanced tweakables turned off?

If that is the base cause of most of the major issues it could:

a) be an easy work around

b) easy to patch possibly

i'm going to try it out tonight but i would like other peoples input too...i promised myself i wouldn't go through all this again and start looking for work arounds and causes but here i am again. I'm such a mug :D

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Hm, seems odd, but, maybe? This is KSP after all xD.

I haven't got to experience any game breaking bug so far, but that's probably because I have barely put any hours into the game. I just don't feel like playing until I can resume my career mode by being able to buy parts from the R&D.

I made, though, the whole tutorial missions and a couple of the scenario ones, and also about 1 hour into career with Adv. Tweakables turned ON.

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not sure I have tweakables turned on, I've certainly not turned it on though (wouldn't know where to look to do it) and have found a range of problems.

I'm suspecting the issue is related to the game saving mechanics, the game marshalling data to save from various places and perhaps not locking the data first so getting something inconsistent, or preventing an update somewhere - the save fails for whatever reason but the game doesn't "release" - hence various locks still being in place which would explain why some of the controls stop working.

Would also explain corrupted saves and the general corruption of various records within the game (e.g. missions vanishing when the memory array is corrupted)

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