Request: disable directional audio

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Whenever i switch to mapview to check my orbit, the sound of the engines often comes 100% from the left or right speaker in my headset.

It would be really nice if someone could make a mod that disables this directional audio (perhaps only when entering mapview if possible?).

I have tried to get into the modding myself but most tutorials out there are for adding something like parts or a gui-window.

Couldn't find much about changing a setting in the unityengine or anything like that, also tried to learn from other peoples mods but i find it a bit too complicated to decipher.

If someone could get this done then i would greatly appreciate it!



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Thanks!, well i tried several approaches but the first ones had a few setbacks.

Eventually i went with just grabbing all currently playing soundclips and set them to mono when entering mapview, then back to stereo when leaving mapview.

Also just edited the mod to exclude the ingame music from this.

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