Kraft 1.3.1

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The following add-on is now available from Google Drive via this link: Kraft.

Kraft is another very hokey tool from Hotel26.  It must be run in a command terminal (Windows, Linux or Mac)

See the README for full details.  Briefly, you run Kraft in a command terminal as so:

java -jar <path>/GameData/Kraft/Kraft.

It produces a short-hand blueprint of your selected craft file, e.g.:

must be located as ./GameData/Kraft/Kraft.
Enter abbrev for craft: lady
Reading /home/kmk/env/games/KSP/
   1    0   probeCoreOcto2_4294668150
   2    1     solarPanels5_4294752592
   3    1     batteryBankMini_4294660876
   4    3       sasModule_4294653348
   5    4         fuelTank4-2_4294607858
   6    5           SurfaceScanner_4294627598
   7    5           smallRadialEngine_4294599778
   8    5           smallRadialEngine_4294538614
   9    5           SurfAntenna_4294705612
  10    5           seatExternalCmd_4294534850

(You can see the beautiful simplicity and elegance of this fine craft.  You'd have to build it and fly it to discover how much fun it is, though!)

Kraft is useful for guiding major refactoring efforts (some times, you just have to rebuild your machine over from scratch!), but, when run  with the --diffs command-line option to suppress the part node/parent IDs, it is also useful to check what revisions have been made to a version of a craft.  (Two Kraft reports, one for each version, can then be diffed.)  It also diagnosed a problem for me in a craft file in which the Reroot tool had embedded a cycle in the part tree causing KSP to refuse to load *any* of my craft in the same directory!

A future version of Kraft may conceivably report more useful information such as Action Group assignments, fuel loads, etc.  I, Hotel26, am open to suggestions for enhancements.

NB: Kraft reads your craft files but modifies nothing.  Nor does it "phone home" with your brilliant craft designs (that wouldn't be ethical).  :)

Ideas/suggestions/requests/bugs/gripes here to this topic or to Hotel26 via PM...

LICENSE: free, free, free.  Enjoy.

That is all.

Edited by Hotel26

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OK, OK, a number of you have already phoned in and said you don't grok the Matrix lingo.  (Don't worry, you will be dreaming in it soon enough!)

Here's a screenshot of Ladybug:




  1. Octo and friends are buried inside the tank
  2. AG8: Hover Mode: Octo2 Control From Here
  3. AG9: Flight Mode: Command Seat: Control From Here
  4. Brakes: Twitch: Toggle Engine (works in conjunction with the throttle setting)
  5. (the photo is stale) current version has the solar panel placed in the middle of the top of the tank

Based on a design by @Brikoleur, his Flea

Edited by Hotel26

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Kraft. fixes a small bug in which the abbreviation "lady" would work for Ladybug.craft, but "bug" would not because it abutted the .craft file extension.

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Kraft. remedies a problem with craft files that have been infamously rerooted any time in their history.  The symptom would be an incomplete list of parts, displaying only some subtree of the craft.

Please update your copy of Kraft.

Please report any problems or difficulties in using Kraft right here in this note or contact the Illustrious Author, (Hotel26), via PM.

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