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Changing Kerbols/Suns SOI and escaping?

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What would happen if you were to edit the game and reduce the SOI of Kerbol so that it is not infinity, and then escape from that SOI, thus putting me in true zero gravity flight. Would a kraken strike? Would the game ignore it and keep me in Kerbols SOI? or would I fly in zero G?

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To do that, you would have to change the definition of gravity in the game and make it a finite-ranged force.  If you do that, then it isn't gravity any more, and in any case, leaving such a hypothetical SOI is identical to leaving the universe (and in a departure from modern cosmology, the KSP universe nods to Galileo and Copernicus by making the Sun the centre of it).  If I'm not completely mistaken, you can leave the KSP universe every time you quit the program[citation needed].  Of course, your spacecraft can't, but if you were to somehow rewrite KSP to let you take a craft with you and run it all over your desktop, then although it's an interesting idea, it wouldn't tell you anything about the behaviour of the stock program what with the program no longer being stock.

It's not really a proper question to ask how something will respond when you do something that exceeds its constraints, except perhaps to characterise the type of overflow error that would result.  That's somewhat like asking what happens to the characters after the end of a book--the question has no meaning in the context of the story because everything that happens to the characters happens in the pages of the story, and if more was supposed to happen, then it would have been written.  This happens in a way with sequels, but that's no longer quite the same story.

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The SOI is defined by which gravitational body has the most influence on your craft at the moment. To leave Kerbol's SOI, there would have to be another gravitational object to transfer SOI to. And there isn't, so you can't.


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40 minutes ago, Draalo said:

Even in Stock you can leave Kerbols SOI without editing.

Cannot leave Kerbol's SOI, it is infinite (or as far as computer memory can go though)

You can however reach Kerbol's escape velocity, meaning you will never drift closer to Kerbol again in the future, a hyperbolic trajectory that keeps going further out

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