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I am glad to start this thread out with a project which will come to fruition in a little while.

Yes, yet another planet pack. But, still such a thing is an accomplishment of dozens of hours of work, if not more. I want to share my progress so far. 

Here is the basic map of the planet Pick as of now


I know. Looks very messy, but still for a newbie like myself, quite an accomplishment. This is supposedly a planet topography map, with black being the lowlands and white being the mountains and the higher the place, the lighter the color.

I would love to have some insight into the dynamics of  planet building. So far, I have had some help from @Gameslinx, thanks to him, and I believe I have the adequate programs as seen in the spoiler below.


1. Microsoft Paint (Already installed on my computer)

2. Gimp 2 (Installed by recommendation from @Gameslinx.)

3. Notepad++ (Also installed by recommendation from @Gameslinx.)

4. Discord (Just so I can talk to some folks without Email and stuff)

Talking about Discord, I am starting a new one for this topic. If anyone wants to jump in, thank you. Here's the link,

Thanks for looking into this topic. Please bring your newbie, in-progress planet packs  to see how others are faring. 

Happy Explosions!


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Here is another planet I have come up with.


This is Planet Ekypt. Don't ask me where I got this name. I dream strange dreams.......

Anyway, this is before I have worked on it using Gimp 2. Will also be programing it some time in the near future. This should be my first original planet. 

Happy Explosions!


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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