RealEnginesPack 2.01 CLOSE 01.04.18

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yeah man you cant quit again hehe. besides yanfret is nippin at your heels for the best looking engines award. 

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Posted (edited)


I installed your real engines pack  (V.2.0.1) into my KSP 1.3.1 (RP1/ RO).

I can see a lot of your remade engines plus some new ones, like the Super Dracos.

But I cannot see others, like the Raptors or the LMDE (at least not in the alphabetical order they should, but I searched thoroughly anyway)

They are in the GameData\RealEnginesPak\USPack but do not show in the engines tab.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance


Solved> My mistake. Raptors aren't listed in "R" but in "W" (WIP RO Raptor). Took a while to browse the entire (quite big) list of engines to find them 

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So i might be missing something simple, but after I put the RO_Engines files into my GameData folder for KSP1.7.2 I can see the engines, but none of them work. Like I can add them as parts but they have no module to accept fuel it seems. I got it from here on the Git release. I've also got some unsupported mods running that I suppose could be interfering? I know that RSS and Kopernicus aren't working right now with 1.7.2 (and Hangar also isn't despite a recent update?). Am I missing something? I come from 1.2.2 and just recently decided to update to the new version on steam and get the DLCs and implement all the mods. 

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