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Launch/Spacecraft Provider Live-Coverage/Discussion Index


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This thread is for links to standing threads that cover upcoming launches from specific launch providers.

These threads usually have links to the latest live launch coverage, as well as discussion about upcoming launches:


http://www.launchinfo.space/   (this has a countdown to next launch)

https://nextrocket.space/      (comprehensive list of upcoming launches)

https://calendar.google.com/calendar/[email protected]&pli=1    (cool calendar of launches with links)





















Taiwan's national space program:



This is not a launch provider, but neither is Sierra Nevada. Has a thread, too (and flies rather a lot).



Someday ( :wink: ): 















Unflown Crew/Cargo vehicle threads:


(The Exploration Company's Nyx)



Unflown Lunar Vehicles:

 NASA Human Landing System Discussion:



Eventually we need some others as well...








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Really helpful, since so many of these get buried due to infrequent launches, or just because we're too lazy to bump every thread with a youtube link, etc., to live coverage.



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you have a BFR thread now.

Though it appears there are three amorphous BFR topics.

1. The BFR - interplanetary
  a. Autonomous mars lander
  b. Manned mars primary lander
  c. Manned mars bunch of people lander.

2. The BFR - hypersonic liner.
3. The BFR - transporter.
  a. Fuel transporter
  b. Package deliver service.

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On 2/24/2018 at 7:58 PM, YNM said:

Resurrect an old thread with appropriate title for the Chinese launches ?


Sorry, somehow I missed this post, my bad.

The author of that thread hasn't visited the forum since last August. Perhaps you could start a CNSA thread?

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14 minutes ago, tater said:

The author of that thread hasn't visited the forum since last August.

Ah. Well if a moderator is at hand it's possible to keep edit the first post...

Two more possible threads so far :


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LOL, I made one myself, hehe


I just updated the one I made last year, as the others are really old, and changed the title to reflect broader discussion, and current launches.

For the most part, we rarely see live coverage, however, though it'll be a place to discuss the CNSA raining station debris down on us in the next couple months, lol.

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