[1.3.0(L)-1.4.5] Grounded - Modular Vehicles R4.0(L) (New light texture switch alternatives, fixes) (Oct 9 2018)

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17 hours ago, GrandProtectorDark said:

Wait I'm an idiot, I saw the planes and assumed the wrong mod

lmao It's still working though, this one has no plugins so no need of updating at all unless Squad decides to change the game itself (like wheels). I'll still update it though, I just prioritized AirplanePlus. I'll fix things then.

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I have discovered a bug with the modular cap pieces, they won't change color. They are stuck at Stockalike Yellow. I also noticed that the wheels have near zero suspension travel, they've got too little. Making the vehicle unstable on weird KSP terrain. Lowering spring stiffness seems to reduce friction somehow as well. My only suggestion so far is to give the wheels a bit more suspension travel so they suspend properly. For the rest, this mod is near perfect, along with your Airplane Plus mod.

Question; is the hitch supposed to have rotational movement around two axes? I attempted to make a semi truck that uses them in fifth-wheel and kingpin fashion. I succeeded, but there was no bending.

Another Question; are there more colors planned? Like red or blue?

Keep up the good work!

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I wonder if I'm missing something, but I downloaded the craft files and they seem to say "Unknown part modules" anyone know what's happening here?

As far as I can tell the parts still work ok...

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