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Tom kerbin

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If we count only HOTOL, I've gotten as high as 40 km, on a flight  that went halfway around Kerbin.  If we included vertical launch, I used a spaceplane orbiter for LKO and Munar flyby tourist missions; even attempted a Mun landing (aborted due to low fuel).

Of course, I've really only designed/built spaceplanes in my current career.

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I don't use Sandbox much, but on an earlier career I was using a small spaceplane as a training bus to take rookie crews to the Mun and Minmus, but it did have to go via an LKO station to refuel.  I don't really see the point of them beyond launching/landing on worlds with atmospheres though, having docked with the station to refuel it would have been more efficient to take a conventional lander to the Mun and Minmus than carry useless wings and air breathing engines all the way there.

I've also had a fair few that didn't make it as far as the end of the runway though.

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