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How to stop automatic crew fill in?

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Does anyone know how to stop KSP from automatically putting in kerbals to ship I launch? I put every damn thing in myself even crew. So I launch ship and notice it's filled with kerbals and i have to revert to VAB. Why this game is putting in kerbals? Worse than stupid microsoft office trying to be smarter than user. I didn't put kerbals in why [snip] put them there?

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Stock option / practice:

One way to get it to stop auto loading kerbals is to make sure the root part of your ship is not a command pod.  Try to get into a habit of the first part of your ship is an engine, fuel tank, battery, whatever.  Just not a command pod.  On existing ships, use the re-root tool to change the root part to something that's not a command pod.  In my experience, this has really cut down on auto-loading.  It also helps to have a probe core somewhere on the ship - even if you don't intent to use it.

You can also supplement with this:

Install the mod, and change this part of the config

// We want to fill all command modules
@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[~minimumCrew[0]]] {
    MODULE {
        name = ModuleCrewAssignment
        defaultAssignment = Empty

This has seemed to help as well.  Although neither of these work 100%!

It would be nice if it was a stock option, but this is what I got.

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