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I'm making a mod that adds modern realistic weapons such as the Avenger II GAU from the American A-10 Fairchild [not all that fair irl, you hear the shell impact before the gun] muzzle velocity aside I neee help with models and animation I'm skilled in neither [i can animate with things I've drawn] however this is very different. I also need to know how the hell you can read .mu files.

Cya, KenjiKrafts :wink:

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Ok, firstly I'd make sure you read the wiki's guide on how to make a part:

To start off, you need to use a program like blender to create a 3d model of your part. After that, you uv unwrap, texture and then export it as any mesh format. After that, you'd open up Unity and load up KSP's part tools. Then, export the mesh as a .mu. Finally, write up a config and boom, your mod is done.

I know my description is brief, but there's a reason why the Wiki exists.

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