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Circumnavigation, aqueous vehicle


Hi all!

I am currently doing a self-imposed challenge to drive around each body in the Kerbal system.

I have a rover and launch platform which will safely land on every body, however for Eve, Kerbin and especially Laythe, the lack of land routes presents some difficulties.

I have attempted to build rovers with attached stock propellers or paddles to travel across these bodies without any real success.

Can anyone suggest/provide a stock or stockish method of traversing large liquid bodies which is also land-capable for these 3 bodies?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a route for Kerbin or Eve which allows one to circumnavigate terrestrially?




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Thankfully, this one is easy:

There are a few ways to do this in stock; it all depends on whether you're willing to suspend enough disbelief to regard aeroplane parts as hydroplane parts.  In any case, stock rover motors will not move you in water; if you go in the water, stock electric-only vehicles are right out.

As far as terrestrial routes on Kerbin are concerned:  they exist, but if you want to keep a near-circular route, then you will need to jump water at some point or another.  That's because Kerbin actually has only one giant landmass (plus islands), but the ocean is lobed, in a sense.

Eve is easier; there are polar routes that are terrestrial-only.  That's because Eve's seas are separated from one another, though some of the coastlines are nothing but jaggedy fun if you're trying to find a pure overland route.

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