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So I learned that the Making History dlc just came out and I was wondering if or when this will come out for consoles. For people that are going to say “get a pc” “or why don’t you buy a pc?”. I had a pc but it not functional anymore and I do not want to spend over $1000 to get a computer that works as good as my Xbox one x. So all I’m asking is will this be out for consoles. 

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I would also like to know if this is going to happen or at least when they plan on updating to more current versions,  however they have our money now and they will spend it on making more PC stuff,  and most likely ignoring all that is console.   I have spent the last several months asking these questions on various forums and only the trolls will speak up.   Not a peep out of the Squad,  and that is why I made the above statement and fell that they only pushed it to the console for the extra revenue to enhance the PC version.   

More proof is the lack of a response to your question,  I see you posted this in March and here it is May and nada.  At the very least they could at least make an announcement,  even if it was to say that we have no plans on doing anything more with console so please stop asking... 

I guess the lesson to learn here is to avoid spending any future cash on anything with "Squad" on the box and to pass this along to anyone that has a console!

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The trouble with asking for an answer is that they might not even have an answer. Maybe they want to update the console versions to be in parity (as much as possible, at least) with the PC versions, but don't know if they'll be able to.

Should they tell you yes, and then fail to deliver? Should they tell you no, and upset you that way instead? Or should they remain silent, do what they can, and see what happens?

There is no good answer if they can't guarantee an outcome, and my bet is that the only thing they can guarantee is that they won't do more work. That would be very easy for them to deliver on.

Not having an answer or even any idea or hint about future plans is pretty frustrating. As a PC player, I'm frustrated I don't have any idea about the future of KSP; I can only imagine how console players feel. The only thing I can say is: if you want development to continue, no news is good news.

The only product Squad works on is KSP, and they don't even own it now. They no longer have a product to sell directly. So if Squad wants to keep making money, it's in their best interest their keep working on KSP. That's about the most hope I can offer. And just going by track record for PC or console, I suspect it's much more than Squad will offer.

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