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i have a problem with iss community for downloading the link for the mod mir space station and bad, moreover if i do not have the mod i can not build the iss because it has Zarya and Zvezda modules. can you give me a valid link for the mod mir space station.Thank you in advance


(and sorry for the bad translation I'm french and I use google translation)

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Right now the ISS Community mod and dead but I did not want mod mod die, so I edited the mod. Link removed by moderator.
Well I know, some rocket like Soyuz or space shuttle are not in the mod but there will be soon ... The mod and version 1.0.5 and the only known bug and that Jool and in the star Kerbol and that Eeloo and closer to Kerbol

Edited by Kerbal101
Mod re-release should be proper formatted.
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@was700 Hello there and welcome to the forums!

You can ping any member in this thread, by typing the "at" symbol (@), followed by the initial letters of the name; its much better than using (an empty) quote.
You have to actually type the @, the copy-pasting won't work.

Furthermore, please do not override/obfuscate the links that you paste. Its perfectly normal to paste them, however, since you are a new member,  it may take some time for moderators to approve your post.
This is purely antispam measure and after some post count, your messages won't require any approval.

Finally, I see that you want to (re-)publish a mod, but in order to do this you need to:
1. check upon original mod license, if the license allows modifications with redistribution,
2. follow the license guideline , and
3. start a new topic for your project with formatting (description) and stating the license.

Until this is done, I have removed the download link.
Your topic is required to be written in English language or have English translation(version), if you plan to publish it on global forum.

/Best regards

-- -- -- -- English to French translation below via google translate -- -- -- --

Bonjour et bienvenue sur les forums!

Vous pouvez envoyer un ping à n'importe quel membre de ce fil, en tapant le symbole "at" (@), suivi des lettres initiales du nom; c'est beaucoup mieux que d'utiliser (une citation vide).
Vous devez réellement taper le @, le copier-coller ne fonctionnera pas.

En outre, ne surchargez pas / ne masquez pas les liens que vous collez. Il est parfaitement normal de les coller, cependant, puisque vous êtes un nouveau membre, les modérateurs peuvent mettre un certain temps à approuver votre message.
C'est une mesure purement antispam et après un certain nombre de post, vos messages ne nécessiteront aucune approbation.

Enfin, je vois que vous voulez (re) publier un mod, mais pour ce faire vous devez:
1. vérifier sur la licence mod originale, si la licence permet des modifications avec redistribution,
2. suivez les directives de licence, et
3. commencez un nouveau sujet pour votre projet avec le formatage (description) et en indiquant la licence.

Jusqu'à ce que cela soit fait, j'ai supprimé le lien de téléchargement.

Votre sujet doit être écrit en anglais ou avoir une traduction en anglais (version), si vous envisagez de le publier sur un forum mondial.

/Meilleures salutations

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Hello Kerbal101


Thank you for informing me of the licenses for the (re) publication of ISS Comunity mod


I will pay attention to this kind of publication


I continue the mod, and I wish you good luck as moderator.



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Just as a heads up, a large portion of the community ISS mod (I think all the soviet parts) was done by Bobcat, and he was disappeared a long time ago, and everything he made is all rights reserved. So you could either find a replacement for those parts or make them yourself.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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