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Early Adopters Get the Expansion for Free


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Hello there, Early KSP-Players,

If you purchased KSP through April 2013, you are entitled to receive the expansion for free. Read the information below:

1)    Players who purchased a direct download from the web store: It will show up in your account automatically.

2)     For users who transferred their purchase to a Steam Key: It will show up in their steam library automatically.

If you think you fulfil the requirements, but the expansion hasn’t showed up in your account, please contact us at [email protected].

We will need one of the following to verify if a user is entitled to the free DLC:

1)     the original purchase receipt;

2)     the steam key we provided to them; or

3)     email they used for the purchase.

UPDATE: Our servers are slowly delivering the expansion to the corresponding accounts for those who purchased through the KSP store. If it hasn't showed up in your library, do not worry, it should be delivered in the next few hours. We will update everyone when this process is complete. If you still don't have the expansion in your account at that time, please let us know. We sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience.

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