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Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion Grand Discussion thread.


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On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎15 at 3:44 AM, KingPhantom said:

i think it could be a good idea in honor to today's cassini mission end to have some cassini-like satellite parts in "making history". :)

20y of saturn pictures. most of the saturn pictures (all of the good ones) are from cassini :)

I want Saturn w/at least 4 moons...  But maybe I'm thinking too big here. :rolleyes:
I bought in too late to have it free, but I will support the devs regardless.
I just hope they make a full solar system (adding Sarnus, Urlum, Neideon(sp?) and Plock of OPM mod... I would be buying that even before it was finished, lol.

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On 10/21/2017 at 12:53 AM, tjsnh said:

Chances are non-zero that we'll get the western continent's "old KSC" launch site as a stand-in for Baikonour with the MH expansion.

Does anyone know, or has Squad said, if missions created with the "mission editor" will be saved off as flat files (like .craft files) and shareable with other players?

How did I miss this thread. Ill have to keep this one marked.

I can answer this one, yes missions are ConfigNode style files so they can be used the same was as craft, etc - but there may be some additional files involved in sharing em - which we have been working on as Jamie mentioned last week : https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/167631-ksp-weekly-the-cosmic-snake/&do=findComment&comment=3223558

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1 hour ago, 0something0 said:

I really hope parts/planet packs, or anything that is doable with a mod, don't get added as part of the DLC. 

Don't be silly :).  Essentially everything that can be added to the game in its present form already has been done by our ingenious community of modders.  I mean, for years there have been several choices of mods for doing Gemini and Soviet stuff, and any other part you can think of, actually.  Same goes for gameplay features, at least to the extent that things are exposed to modders at present.

So basically, the only stuff Squad can do that modders can't either involves various under-the-hood stuff that isn't at present exposed to modding, or the creation of totally new stuff that requires an expansion of the game engine itself even to be possible.  That sort of thing is hard to find, actually.  I can really only think of a handful that have come along since 0.20 when I started playing KSP, and it's quite possible that there were some pre-exiting mods that did some of these at the time that I didn't notice.

  • asteroids
  • tech trees and science points
  • biomes
  • economics and contracts
  • Kerbal classes and experience
  • the up-coming mission editor

Every other gameplay feature I can think of that's been added to stock was already there in a mod, and in fact some of those mods are still going because enough folks prefer to them to the stock version.  "Realistic" (cough) atmospheres, re-entry heating, resource mining/refining, communications networks, etc., even female Kerbals.

The only difference is, this time you have to buy the new gameplay feature, it's not free.  But hey, they're throwing in some parts as lagniappe.  And you don't HAVE to buy it if you don't want it, but you still get the update to the base game for free, which is still something.

I can see the mission editor thing appealing to a fairly large section of the community, for the challenge aspect of it.  So I think it's a good business move to make that DLC.  I'm pretty "meh" about that (and the parts, for that matter) myself, but I'll probably get it just out of customer loyalty.  Who knows?  I might actually come to appreciate it someday, anyway.

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14 hours ago, Rickert-A33 said:

is it worth to buy the game

Most of us are not very critical, and we quickly say "yes" just because we got 3,000-4,000 hours of playtime out of the game and learn more about orbital mechanics than the average astrophysics graduate*. But again, we're an easy-to-please crowd.


* ok, that's made up. But it sounds plausible.

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32 minutes ago, Daylight4449 said:

hey everyone! i have a question, will there be any celestial bodies added with KSP "making history" or 1.4?



Very very very doubtful.  I'm no mindreader but the good money is no way, José.

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So I was wondering, what is the extent of the time period the new parts will be covering? Will it be up to the moon landing? Or will it also cover the Soviet's N1 and planned moon rocket, the Buran, Shuttle era, and things like the linear aerospike engine?

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I'm super excited to get back into KSP and for the Making History Expansion.  Does anyone know if we will be able to play a 'career' with Historical parts and settings or is it just for individual missions and sandboxing? I'm hoping this will be a replacement of sort for the very flat 'Buzz Aldren Space Manager'' game.  

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I'm pretty sure all the new parts, and the new features like texture switching, will be available to players in Career Mode.

However, the Missions and the mission-specific features (i.e. part failures, scoring, etc.) are a separate mode (think Scenario Mode in a strategy game). Missions do not interact or affect Career, Science, or Sandbox modes.

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2 hours ago, sardia said:

No added content to career mode?:(

No, I think what we're saying is that there is added content to career mode:  specifically, all the new parts ought to be available and researchable.  (I don't actually know that, but I'm guessing they would be.)

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