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Staging on SOI change by accident?


KSP 1.4.0 x64

I was in map view, waiting for the SOI change (Kerbin -> Mun).

As soon as it happened, a staging occured "by itself".

I did not press the space bar, for sure. My finger was idling on top of the "M" key. And normally, when accidentaly pressing "Space bar" in map view, nothing happens.

I had no planned maneuver in queue.

This is of course a bummer, now I have debris to play with.

The only thing that really changed was a test run of "Too Many Orbits", but I already checked the log and the mod is just not loaded at all.
I will remove it for the next session, of course.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ucdu6elg0mfdfje/2018-03-13_2 KSP.log.7z?dl=1



I loaded the backup persistent file and this time i warped upon 1 minute prior SOI change and did not switch to map view.

All  the time within flight mode, the same issue occured - no  finger near the keyboard at all.



It also happens without "Too Many Orbits".

I will load a backup before launch, load the vessel to VAB and disable autostruts-grandparent which I set up with EEX... perhaps this is the issue, because I found a few "A joint can't connect the body to itself." inside the log.
Of course the log does not tell me which parts are the culprit...



Yeah, removing the autostruts (but left two manually, only the two biggest tanks alone) helped.

It seems like the abrupt change of the camera view on SOI change kraken-destoys the whole vessel somehow when the "wrong" parts have autostruts set.
But still no clue which parts are wrong... Perhaps radially attached ones?

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