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[1.8.x] reDIRECT | Stockalike Orion, SLS, & Shuttle-Derived Launchers | (Fixes!) | v0.10.1

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1 hour ago, alberro+ said:

Does anyone have any examples on how to build an Ares V with REdirect? I’m trying to do a Constellation program replica pack.

You have to tweakscale the SLS parts to 6.25m. There's a five engine engine plate for it. Friznit has a wiki page for Redirect builds: https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/Shuttle-Derived-Launchers

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On 2/20/2020 at 4:14 PM, alberro+ said:

How come Orion is only white? I thought that the OFT - 1 version was black or mirrored?

The EFT-1 Orion, launched on a DIVH in 2014, was indeed covered in black tiles. However, production Orions will have a shiny outer coating on the capsule, similar to Apollo, but those black tiles are still present, and will probably be visible after reentry.

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20 minutes ago, Cheesecake said:

That must be the very old MMSEVs from Bobcats American Pack.



39 minutes ago, Barzon said:

Also @Drakenex where did you get those MMSEVs from?

I think, these are from @Gabu's mod.

Just scroll down a bit in the OP

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2 hours ago, rettter3 said:



I think, these are from @Gabu's mod.

Just scroll down a bit in the OP

No, Gabus MMSEV has a round Docking Port and the Spacesuits at the back have another direction.

Also, the front window is completly different and it don`t have the yellow frame.
(sorry for doubleposting, can`t edit the post again for whatever reason)

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On 9/5/2019 at 8:49 AM, benjee10 said:

Hi all,

If you haven't seen my latest update in the HabTech2 thread, you should give it a read as it explains my intentions going forward. TLDR: I'm planning on soft-retiring from KSP modding for a lot of reasons, but before I do that I want to bring everything up to scratch over the next couple of months.

What that means for reDIRECT:

- General polish of art assets & cfgs
- Addition of emissives and a few other bits and pieces for engines
- Addition of some long-needed texture variants
- ICPS/DCSS 2.5m variant
- SLS exploration upper stage
- Orion IVA

That is all I have planned. The next update will be the last for this mod. Unfortunately this means RS-68/Delta IV stuff will fall my the wayside. I simply don't have the time or energy to embark on a project like that. 

Hope you all understand. 

Is there a chance you could update us on your progress of the above list? Great mod btw, sad you're retiring from modding. Another question is are you intending to hand over the project to some else? (Thinking of cobaltwolf lmao)

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For those interested, I made icons and .cfg file for reDIRECT for Filter Extension --> https://we.tl/t-zkxywFsfLP
I used the beautiful SLS launch blue picture as base for the icon:


@benjee10: feel free to use and share the 3 files.

If the link gets down, please ask me to re-upload it, or if somebody has a permanent solution to store them, i take.

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6 hours ago, Virtualgenius said:

Having some issues putting this stuff together it would really benefit from some basic craft files I cant seem to find the aero shell for the Orion 

It's part of the Launch Abort System.  Are you using my guide?  It lists all the part names you need so you can search for them easily.

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I was definitely using your guide and for the life of me cannot find the aero shell that covers the capsule  it took me a while to figure out the side fairings where procedural.

I have  figured it out you have to right click on the LAS and select shroud from the variant menu so how stupid do i feel 

Thanks for the reply got there in the end




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22 hours ago, sslaptnhablhat said:

@benjee10 Would it be possible to replace the endcap of Orion where the APAS port goes with the PMA's endcap from habtech? The APAS port is hollow and the default porkjet texture doesn't really look all that great.

I’d like to revamp Orion eventually so this is definitely on the list.

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