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[1.8.x] reDIRECT | Stockalike Orion, SLS, & Shuttle-Derived Launchers | (Fixes!) | v0.10.1

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3 hours ago, benjee10 said:

More progress on the Jupiter Upper Stage, with my RL-10-B-2 analogue (1.25m engine with 0.9375m attachment point)



Amazing! :confused:

This could also be useful as a general 1.25m engine with a .9375m adapter from, say, BDB.

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Ooo, that upper stage looks very very nice.

Loving how this meshes with the Cormorant shuttle parts - I'm sketching out my career launcher family in a sandbox save at the moment - currently got a really nice family of launchers set up, with Ares I and V analogues, and a shuttle for when I'm feeling masochistic.

Shuttle pictures


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14 hours ago, Rodger said:

I've made a patch to convert the texture switching to FS for use in KSP1.3.1:


Just paste the above into a new .cfg file in your GameData, and make sure to install the FireSpitter plugin

@benjee10 feel free to use any of this patch or include it for a 1.3.1 release if you want.

That's awesome, thanks! I will take a look and possibly bundle it in a future update if that's OK with you! 

Update is out, featuring Jupiter Upper Stage/RL10/2 and 5 segments SRBS!

I've also rebalanced everything to be closer to stock values in terms of LFO quantities, which resulted in the Jupiter 246 configuration being too heavy to leave the pad. To remedy this I've added a placeholder engine using the stock SSME assets with about 50% more thrust. I'm probably going to end up simply bundling everything with LH/Ox configs as default as it's too much hassle to try to balance everything against the stock game when the stock game doesn't really make sense for launchers this size. Anyway, enjoy everyone and let me know your feedback! 

iKS6aqV.jpg     fMubYji.png

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Just now, Tabris said:

i hate to be that guy but CKAN?

Still in beta, so there will potentially be craft-breaking changes in the near future. Not comfortable with uploading to CKAN until we're past that point!

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