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How would I make multiple conditions


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I want to trigger the next node when 2 conditions are met (5 km height and 300 m/s speed) but if I place the 2 nodes one after another (Start Node --> 5km Node --> 300 m/s Node --> next node) it isnt good because someone could fly up to 5 km, then fly back down to reach the 300 m/s and then the next node will be triggered. But I want it that the next node only triggers when you are 5 km up and have 300 m/s speed.

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That is surprisingly tricky. You need to snap height and speed together. When height is reached, the speed will be checked as well, and then one or the other output is activated. If it was height only, you need to direct control flow back to the height node, to be able to check again. Be sure to put a time delay in there, you can degrade performance really fast otherwise.

In this image, message alt is triggered, if you are above 1000m and above 100m/s. The message will repeat every 5s. Go below, and it will stop checking. Fly above 1000m and below 100m/s, message spd is triggered and mission ends with success.


Relevant settings on the nodes (other than directly visible in the image):

Spawn Vessel has SPH as editor (don't try to build a plane if you started in the VAB, it won't work, even if you switched editors)

Activate only once removed for "Reach Altitude", "Display alt" and "Time Since"

"Time Since" has "Reach Altitude" as reference Node ("Display alt" would also work)

"Display spd" is end node with success.

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