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Improving the Soyuz-style pods from Making History DLC

Improving the Soyuz-style pods from Making History DLC  

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    • Yes! I think that having a descent module would be great
    • Nope, I'm fine with just Vostok-style spacecraft

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You could just strap some radiators to the Pomegranate reentry module, (which might block the airlock, making it necessary to have an orbital module and/or Inflatable airlock), then put a medium heat shield and offset said radiators to be on par with said heat shield. For the orbital module, put a decoupler (with the arrows pointing down), a probe core (for control when the soyuz is uncrewed), then an up-side down Pea or Onion. Too bad the latter doesn’t have an ejection seat like it did in real life, which I think it should have. For the Service module, I’d stack fuel tanks and put an engine at the bottom. Strap some RCS fuel and thrusters to the entire thing, too, for control. There you go, a stock Soyuz craft.

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