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Ban the user above you!


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Banned for throwing a Barney :)

Bugger. Ninja'd

Banned for alcohol in a place that serves minors.


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Banned for living on a really different time zone.

Btw, i think you should stay awake, and wathever you do, Don't sleep!

Seriously, i once sleeped at 5:13AM and then, my eyes became a little bit itchy after i woke up at 11AM.

And also, i suggest you to not wake up at 5AM if you don't want to deal up against those problems i mentioned, but you can wake up at that hour and enjoy some video games, or doing stuff.

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Banned for neglecting the medication and thinking that he is a clock.

("5 am", "6 am", "11 am").

Also banned for speaking English like Latin, with a noun instead of "I" before "sum" "am".

Also banned for using barbarian digits instead of the Roman ones when speaking English like Latin.

Please, write properly: "V sum", "VI sum", "XI sum".

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