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SSTO Crash


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It is a normal routine mission for the fist SSTO of Kerbin, there are important Kerbals on the plane, but something doesnt go as planned... Can you save the crew and the SSTO? Or will they die in a huge explosion?

This is my first try with the mission builder.


Download (Google Drive)


  • Increase the Authority limiter to get more control
  • Try to enter a dive and then try to pull up at 4 km, the important thing is when you land in water to have a slow vertical speed, the horizontal speed is not very important


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22 hours ago, Starnerd666 said:

please fix this mission, when the engine explodes the entire craft starts exploding and it becomes literally impossible to control the plane once close to the ground.

please test your missions before you publish them.

Thats intentional. I tested it and it is possible. It should not be easy. You need to land fast.

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