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RCS Controls on Console edition.


Does anyone know the controls for RCS on console edition? Like the wasd + hn + ijkl keys on the PC but translated onto a console controller?

also is it on docking mode? I'm not sure if so because the last time I played was with my Grandpa who loves KSP.

If anyone can list the controls to use the "hn + ijkl" keys for console, please do reply with them. 


(Yes I have checked the control menu but none is listed)

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Because of the very limited number of buttons on a console controller, it is not possible to map both WASD and HN IJKL at the same time. So yes, one answer is docking mode. It allows you to toggle between linear RCS controls and rotational controls. It defaults to linear, which is what you want anyway.

So linear and rotational use the same basic control, which is the left stick (for WASD and IJKL). The additional control is the left and right trigger, for H/N = Up/Down, which is exactly the same as for your EVA RCS translational controls.

Alternately (at least in Radial preset) -- when you are in Flight mode, holding down the Right bumper while RCS is active will toggle the left stick and triggers into RCS translation instead of rotation.

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Thanks! I found this out a few days ago. before I saw your reply.

Along with console edition, Using the thud engines and then turning them off makes my 60 fps game play to 20. quite odd.



I hope to see console edition really strive with the KSP community. and also hope to see the infrared telescope in-game some time soon.

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