1.6.1 Limited missiles, tiny attacker aircraft + boat challenge; CFC S5

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I'm publishing the new CFC episode next Wednesday, as my first opportunity to upload again is Tuesday. Apologies for not uploading sooner, may or may not have taken ear damage seriously last Wednesday. 


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Lol I didn't post the previous video, ah well it's in the end cards anyway.

Have the semifinals!


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CFC S3 rules are here!

Video coming in a few hours!

- The competition is done in KSP 1.4.3 using BDAc 1.2.1 and 
  Airplanes+ 21.1. Please check your mods list to see if your craft 
  complies with these requirements, otherwise there may be some 
  issues when trying to inspect your craft

- Your maximum altitude setting on the BDAc AI Pilot module may 
  not exceed 4000 meters

- Your plane must be at or below a 5km lock on range, this can be 
  checked as shown in the video.

- Only the propeller engines and cockpits are allowed to be used 
  from Airplanes+, this because I do not have a large amount of 
  experience with AP+. You may not use propeller and jet engines 
  on the same airplane.

- There is a maximum of 16 planes that are allowed to enter, 2 per 
  person to fill the competition up nicely. Please give me a name 
  that I can call you, not all the email accounts have the correct and 
  current username of the person in question. There is no deadline, 
  an announcement will be posted when the limit is reached.

- Action Groups cannot hinder my setup process, it is advised that 
  you stay away from the Stage, Gear and SAS action groups to 
  prevent any issues. If you still want to use these action groups, 
  then please refer to this procedure list:
  - I load the plane up on the runway
  - I hit space to activate all engines at half thrust for a second to 
    get the craft moving off the runway. During this step I don't want 
    any afterburners to be active
  - I put it on the brakes
  - If your craft wobbles, slides or explodes upon reloading I'll 
    retract the landing gear. I want the landing gear down at all times 
    during this procedure, so no loading up craft with retracted 
    landing gear

- You can't update your craft after you passed flight inspection. 
  Flight inspection will put you up against the Ce Asari Mk IV C, a 
  continued development of the Asari Mk IV B-3 featured in the 
  season 2 final challenge.
  Download it here:

- The guns must be set to a minimum of 1000 meters firing range 
  on the maximum firing range slider, this to prevent any cheeky 
  AIM-9 tactics.

- The guns allowed are 6 50 cals, 3 locked Vulcan turrets, Hidden 
  Vulcans, locked 50 cal turrets, M230's or GAU-8's and 1 Howitzer. 
  No mixing guns, guns are mandatory 

- 8 armour plates at default armour settings allowed

- Drones and cockpits are allowed, any number of probe cores and 
  cockpits will do. No command seats to prevent easy 1km lock-on 
  planes utilizing Kerbal parachutes.

- RTG and Radome must be included in your craft, this to give the 
  allowed AIM-120's a chance at firing and being detected if they're 
  coming in.

- No clipping parts to use as armour, this is a rule open to 
  interpretation and thus can cause for some confusion

- All planes of CFC S2 are only allowed to be edited by their original 
  creator, with carryover solutions allowed.

- ECM's are banned, like in the last season. Your lock-on is basically 
  your jammer anyway.

- DLC parts aren't allowed, this to give everyone an equal chance 
  with the base game. Also because I'm not the (not so) proud 
  owner of the DLC.

- Must face and preferably beat the Ce Asari Mk IV C form earlier, 
  with 1 modification opportunity when the craft fails to do so.
  Parts that are allowed to be modified or replaced are:
  - Control surfaces
  - Guns
  - Missiles
  - AI
  - Weapon Manager

- Default armor values 

- Multistaging allowed due to a silly mistake by me

Max of 85 parts

Please send your craft to leonhojoz@gmail.com and include a name you wanna be called by.

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2 hours ago, Hojoz said:

Here's the video! 

Put rules in the description too so you can double check if your craft is legal. 

Remember, max of 85 parts! 


Yeah! I'll be sure to enter! 

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Do you bychance have a active download link for your craft Hojoz?

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17 hours ago, Hojoz said:

Of course, here it is! 

Thank you! :)

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The BDAc forum closed. 

The mod might die with it. 

Video on this soon, I'll post it here since this could have consequences for CFC and other plane fighting competitions 

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- Mandentory parts are the RTG, AI pilot and Weapon Manager, with a maximum of 85 parts
- The banned stuff is: all missiles, the command chair, editing your craft via text editors, messing with health and armor values, armour plates and flying cockpits
- Multistaging is allowed
- The gun allowance is:
  4 locked M230's
  3 Hidden Vulcans
  2 GAU-8's
  12 50cal's or 6 locked 50 cal turrets
No mixing guns
Max engagement range must be between 1000 and 2500 meters, with missile, surface and SLW engagement set to false
- Minimum size is 1.3m x 1.3m x 1.9m in the Height x Width x Length configuration
- Maximum size is 6m x 7m x 8.5m in the Height x Width x Length configuration
- Maximum and minimum sizes are checked via the engineering tab and without AP+ engines for the height stat
- No cheating on minimum size by putting I-beams or wings to lengthen the craft in either of the 3 mentioned directions
- All AP+ parts are allowed, no DLC parts or other mods though
- Drones are allowed too
- Plane's minimum and default altitude must be set between 500 and 4000 meters
- Any combo of props and jets allowed
- All planes will battle in a 2v2 match, first to 3 points wins
- Planes will be spawned in besides the runway using VesselMover
- If all planes run out of ammo and/or fuel the side with the most flying planes wins. If both craft on all sides are still flying then it is considered a tie
- Submissions are open until November 4nd, with a maximum of 16 entries. Maximum of 2 submissions per user. Send your planes either via my Discord linked below or to leonhojoz@gmail.com
- Here's the craft to beat:

Craft needs to be beaten within 2 tries, with exceptions for fatal flaws like crashing into terrain
- All craft need to be made in KSP 1.4.5 with BDAc

- And now for the most important rule:
         Have fun making your craft!

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Lmao normal Vulcans aren't allowed here, only hidden ones

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