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The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge Continued

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I’m doing a kerbalism grand tour, which is far harder and I have no time, but I have a kerbalx craft with light modification that can easily do it. I give you permission to fly it in a joint collab, we won’t likely go on the leather board but as a gate crasher. Search up the user



and download Kraken’s maw.

Shower thought:
I bet deploying a 100 kerbal base on each moon would wreck the competition. Sadly, the mere tylo lander would have to shuttle 42 tons up and down several times. I wager it will be really hard. The mothership might be 10 kilotons or more.

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6 hours ago, AlpacaMall said:

@JacobJHC any update on this?

My apologies, I looked at those a week ago and thought I replied to you. Yes, those are all fine to use.

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