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Problems with control of vessel



I have launched my fourth vessel to Minmus getting there successful and doing everything i wanted. Now because i wanted to dock with a space station i put up there earlier, i corrected my orbit into a polar orbit. I did so and now i'm trying to get back to Kerbin. I got loads of fuel left but there is one problem i have: My controls got really strange so that i turn to and away from minmsu with q and e whcih are normally there to just turn the vessel. By that any maneuver nodes are impossible, because i don't know in what direction to turn the vessel for it to work. Also when thrusting, the vessel randomly starts turning around in all directions and the manevuer node moving with no end aswell. I got an andvanced reaction wheel to control it, an antenna and 2 Kerbals on the ship. It also has tons of batteries and 12 solar pannels(The vessel is pretty big with only 2.5m parts). What can i do about it? I tried getting back a million times but i either crash into minmus or make my orbit even worse. (Once i also somehow managed to get out of minmus orbit somehow into a kerbin orbit but the controls were still broken making my orbit even worse when trying to get it down. 


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If you've docked with another craft your control point may have changed from your main ship's capsule (to another capsule, probe core or docking port) so I'd try clicking on your main capsule that's in line with the engine that you're using and select "control from here".

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