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TR-18A missing from parts list after install


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So, after the Making History update (which was automatic via Steam), I find I'm missing the TR-18A Stack Decoupler from the parts list, but have a TD-12 substituted in it's place (which seems to operate exactly like the TS-12 that I've only previously unlocked as an experimental part for a "test part" mission). The TD-12 is also substituted on the technology tree where the TR-18A used to be. On my existing spacecraft I can still duplicate a TR-18A, if one is already present, but I shouldn't have to do a work-around like that.

Windows 7 SP1; App version (issue exists in both 32-bit and 64-bit).

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The decouplers were all updated with 1.4, not even the MH expansion.  Just like the Mk1-3 capsule, theyve been left in the game so as to not break your craft.  Were I you, I would update all my old craft with the new decoupler so when they decide to actually remove the old ones from the game in full your craft will still work.  

Check out the O.M.B Demolition Enterprises listing in the manufacturers tab for access to the old decouplers.  

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