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Apollo Outamon

Missing docking ports


What would cause all parts that have docking ports to be removed from the game? This includes mod parts as well. OPT hulls with docking ports built in, MK4 cockpit with built in docking port l, etc..

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1 hour ago, ThatRedMelon said:

Please list all the mods you have so we can help you with your problem.

Running ksp 1.4

Mods list of everythingin my game data folder

000_Att utils

000_Filter extensions 

000_ Filter extensions configs

Airplane plus

B9 aerospace

B9 part switch


Better science labs

Chop shop

Community tech tree

Configurable containers

Connected living space

Deep sky 

Deployable engines 

Diazo lamding height 


Dynamic Battery Storage

Extraplanetary Launchpads


FShanger extender

Fusebox continued

Hide empty tech tree nodes

Interstellar fuel switch

Irishman industries



Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 

Kerbal reusability expansion 


KSP wheel

KW rocketry


Mark IV system

Mark 2 expansion 

Mark 3 expansion 

Modular rocket system

Mundar Industries 

Near future (construction, electrical, launch, props, solar, spacecraft)

No overheating


OPT legacy

OPT usi

Patch manager

Persistent rotation 

Quiztech aero

Repo soft tech

Retractable lifting surfaces

Simple construction



Station parts expansion 

Station parts expansion resux


T.G.O.L group (radial vtol)

Tac fuel balance

Throttle controlled avionics

Thunder aerospace

Toadicus tools

Tweakable everything


Unknown resourcefulness 

Upgrade editor

Ventral drill

Warp plugin 

Wild blue industries (kerbal actuators)

World stabilizer 

Xypho aerospace (drill action fix, hitchhiker command, snapdock, xenon sru tweaks)

Module manager 3.0.6

Mm config cache

Mm physics

Mm techtree

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I had a similar problem, experimentally it was found out that it is necessary to delete Tweakable everything
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