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[Tutorial] How to create a single node with multiple conditions

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I had the problem that I wanted to create a node which activates when 2 conditions were met (for example the node activates when you are 100 m/s fast and are at 1000m altitude) but if you want to do that you need to build loops or other workarounds. But I found out that you can edit the node with programs like notepad ++ to create a single node which activates when 2 conditions are met.


Please backup your mission before you start editing it with external programs!

1.  Create both nodes which you want to have in one node (for example speed > 100 m/s and altitude > 1000m) and change their name


2. Find your mission file. It should be in your KSP folder at "Missions/<YOUR MISSION NAME>/persistent.misson" and open it with an editor

3. Scroll down till you find "NODES" here are all your nodes.


4. Now search for the first node you created. You can identify it by looking for the title.


5. Copy all text between "TESTMODULE {" and "}"


6. Find your second node


7.Search for the TESTMODULE


8. Paste it after the closing brackets of the first TESTMODULE


9. Reload your mission in KSP

10. one node should now contain both conditions


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