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Event node not working

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I have the event node box ticked on a Take kerbal node in my mission. Despite this it shows up as n objective right from the start of the mission, although it does seem to have added a yellow lightning bolt symbol to it in the mission summary panel. It also seems to be ignoring several other nodes that are marked as event nodes.

What does the yellow lightning symbol mean, and why are nodes I expect to be hidden being shown?



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The event nodes are hidden from the player until activated. The yellow lightning bolt indicates to the player that the objective it is associated with was hidden before now.

The reason that you're seeing the node that should be hidden is because it was activated as soon as the start node was complete (you spawned on the launch pad).

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I have a similar problem, but not as easy to explain. Please see my video.

I want the boarding ship objective nodes to be hidden until the flag is planted. Why is the Event node setting not doing this? Upon start up, both nodes can be seen under the lightning bold flash of planting the flag. I understand that this lightning bolt means it is an event node. When the flag is planted, the two boarding nodes gain a blue block next to them, which means they are now enabled. So why were they visible before they were enabled and before the flag was planted?


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