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Explore the Mun is broken


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It is not this contract.  It is a lot of contracts (I have had 3 temperature surveys, 2 barometer surveys, the orbit and return from The Mun, and an EVA survey all trigger this, and that is JUST this play through).  From what I can see from save file editing, KSP is setting their enabled flag to false, but never setting the state to completed (their being the objectives).  The work around I was using before was to edit the save file, but I have found an in-game tool that is MUCH easier. 

Hold Alt and press f12 and you will bring up a debug tool set.  Open the contracts drop down and click on active.  This should be listing your offending contract, as well as all the others you currently have.  Click complete and it will immediately update it.  Continue on with your career trying to ignore the power you have just discovered.  I personally limit myself to only even opening this menu for this specific purpose after I have triple checked I am doing the contract correctly. 

A way to confirm that this is the problem you are experiencing is to click on your currency tab before you do the objective, this will lock it in place.  Do the objective.  If your money, rep, and science changes, check your contract log.  If that objective is not green, you have an offender.  If you're not even getting the rewards, then: 1) You have a different bug or 2) (hopefully most likely) You are not correctly fulfilling the objective.  I did not get these problems until 1.4.x, and I've been playing since 2014 or 2015, but I have seen threads for the exact same problem from all the way back in 2012.  I hope it gets fixed because I hate being forced to cheat or edit save files, to progress my contracts.

I have also confirmed none of my mods are causing the problem, it happens in base KSP or KSP with Unmanned before manned, KER, MechJeb2, kOS, Janitor's Closet, EVE, OneWindow, Achievements, Contracts +,  CapCom and some life support mod I can't rightly remember the name of right this second.  I noticed the same kinds of contracts where triggering the problem, but it was different instances (I.E. 1 time I had 4 temperature objects all next to KSC that wouldn't complete modded, but in base it would complete then another one out in the ocean wouldn't).  Hopefully this info is helpful in finding the reason (I have a good idea what is causing it but I would need the game's source to test my theory, so I'll leave that to Squad), and helpful to others so they don't have to dig through the save file, and go through the pain of getting it to take without wiping all your contracts out (happened to me 3 times!  before I over wrote my save, I had 20 tourists without a contract for them)

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