How to get started on creating mods

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I am interested in creating a mod. I want to to create a part/ parts pack mod and a contract mod. i have heard that it is best to start with contract configurator when starting with modding. I would like to know the best tips and tricks on starting with modding.


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I can't speak to the contract side of things but for parts I would look at the stickies at the top of this forum - particularly the "Useful references for modding" sticky. Lots of info in the Modeling and texturing sub-forum - but you may need to do some digging. If you're using Blender/Gimp/Unity I'm in the process of creating a package for each general type of part with the complete Blender/Gimp/Unity files and some notes.

Even if you're not using Blender and Gimp the Unity files and notes may be of some use.

I would recommend starting with something simple like a fuel tank to figure out the 3D model -> Unity -> in-game flow before moving on to more complex parts.

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