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Soyuz Debris


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No, they don't recover them. Mountains, swamps and forests lays there and you may go 100 km and don't even find signs of human presence. (Except rockets debris and stages, falling on your head, of course) :-D

So, this very expensive.

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Soyuz debris ain't of much problem, as far as I know... Kerosene/LOX are not very dangerous substances. Proton debris with its extremely toxic UDMH/NTO pair is way worse :(

And -- no, nothing is recovered. First stages are not even equipped with parachutes.

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Okay, so it's a bit sparse, but after 50+ years of launching stuff there you'd think it's starting to look like a junkyard . . .

Actually, most of the rocket parts are recovered by rocket part hunters. They then sell the metals to chinese businessmen that then recicle them for other parts.

One of the tanks in the first stage is shaped like a cooking pot. It is tradition under the scrap hunters to cut out the tank first and then make their first meal after the beginning of the cutting of the rocket stage in this tank. Interestingly they bring a cooking top from a regular pot and it fits perfectly on the tank.

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