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[1.8.0] KSP-AVC Add-on Version Checker Plugin - MiniAVC-V2 Now available

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22 minutes ago, toric5 said:

in other words, arch is at it again.

I wouldn't necessarily blame Arch, though; it's just as likely to be a Unity bug that a glibc upgrade has exposed.  That sort of thing happens sometimes — I remember a prominent instance years ago where a glibc change broke a bunch of programs (notably, the Adobe Flash player) that were inadvertently relying on an implementation quirk in the "memcpy" function that wasn't guaranteed by the C standard.  The change in glibc was entirely legitimate and not a bug, and the programs that broke had really been buggy all along; they just happened to work anyway until glibc changed the thing they'd been wrongly relying on.  Might be something similar here with the "getaddrinfo" function.

Anyway, not to derail the thread: AVC seems to be fine.

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