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Boats not working

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13 hours ago, byong614 said:

SM armory boats and CVX boats won't go forward while it has all the parts necesary. I think FAR is responsible for it, but not too sure.

What are you using as drives.  Although i don't use FAR, there are team members who do and they report no such issues. However any mod that changes water physics in any way, to differ from the stock game, will cause issues .


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1 hour ago, i_like_kerbals said:

this is a space program game, what are the point of boats? there is nothing to do in the water

For some of us , KSP stopped being anything to do with space a long time ago, and only about the world provided, the editor and what you can do with it
I'm sure the many thousands who've downloaded  and use various marine mods would completely disagree with you . 

Once you've done the hard things, been to the planets etc, how boring is space?, nothing there, nowhere to go, so instead of doing anything different , you do the same thing over and over in more complex ways,   and if you did those things way back in pre ksp 1 days, have been around long enough to see the way things are, you'll not go back to many of those planets ever again, because they are all the same now as they were then. That to my mind is dull , but hey whatever floats your boat, or in your case doesn't

On 4/3/2018 at 3:59 AM, byong614 said:

I'll post a video of it if I have time to do it.

Type 45 is kind of working, but it is very very unstable

Dallasque is not working at all.

If you are the same person who recently posted to the BDA issues page i suspect you've installed your mods incorrectly, as all the things you mention are indeed working, in any version you care to mention.

Please read

And at least try to supply some of the info required

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