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Anyone playing KSP On a GeForce?

Lo var Lachland

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I can see this working. not with a DSL connection and the distribution station 4 miles out, but optical fibre connections to your doorsteps are getting more frequent these days.

I've been streaming games and KSP inhouse for years and loving it. My computer is upstairs behind 2 unmanaged switches and a router, streaming KSP to my 'dumb' and slow laptop on the couch over both 2.4 and 5ghz WIFI, and it's perfectly playable in games like KSP or GTA V, even when the wife is streaming Netflix to the chromecast. I only use a ethernetcable when playing F1 2016 or Project Cars on the HDTV. No heavy, noisy and hot running gamelaptop for me. I'll let my computer upstairs take the heat while enjoying silence and batterylife of my thin and light laptop. No laptop will get me the performance my computer can provide steaming it back to my laptop.

On the fly videocoding has taken huge steps in the last few years as well, even the slowest Ultra low voltage CPU is capable of decoding the streampackages with ease. Bandwith is becoming a non issue. As for streaming live feeds I'm also amazed at what my DJI Camera drone can do. Even 3 miles out you get a full HD videofeed under 220ms over 2.4 ghz.

I think there will be a market for clientside gaming as a service.

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