[1.4.4]MNWS -- Modern Naval Weapon System (BDAc addon)

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tried using this for 1.5.1, believe that the carrier ships are impossible to land on for planes that are stock built because of collider problems. 

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MNWS loading gets stuck on Johnny/Part/AAMS/AAMS/AAMS.

My GameData:


I'm running KSP 1.7.0.

Help me?

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First of all, I wanted to compliment you for this awesome mod. There's literally nothing like this around. But I also had some questions:

Is it normal stock planes spontaneously combust upon carrier approach?

Is it normal some planes miss landing gears and/or control surfaces?

Is it normal some ships miss command modules?

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On 7/29/2018 at 10:22 PM, TheKurgan said:

This mod has some really beautiful parts in it, it looks GREAT overall... but the mod is huge. :(

I have zero clue what a CVN21 is, the naming convention is impossible for anyone but you to follow, and most parts do not have a description... so without installing it, I can only guess that it is a ship...

Here is the reaction wheel:

        name = ModuleReactionWheel
        PitchTorque = 1200000000
        YawTorque = 1200000000
        RollTorque = 1200000000
            name = ElectricCharge
            rate = 0.01

1.2 BILLION kn Reaction wheel!?!? that uses 0.01 ec.... 

Is this a ship? You could maneuver a small moon with this reaction wheel! (if moons were not on rails ) LOL!

Just my suggestion, but knock at least 5 zeros off the end of those :)

In my experience, DDG is a Guided Missile Destroyer, CVN is a Nuclear-powered Carrier. CG is a missile cruiser, SS is a sub. SSBN's a Nuclear-powered Ballisic Missile Submarine, SSGN's a Nuke Guided Missile Sub. 

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