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[1.4.x] Improved Chase Camera - v1.6.2.1, Apr 13, 2018

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Improved Chase Camera

NOTE:  @BahamutoD has moved on to bigger and better things, and I've been maintaining this mod since KSP version 1.1.2 (sort of :D ).  I figured it was time to create a separate thread to track this.  I've cloned Baha's original OP to maintain continuity.

Baha's Original Post:  


Download from GitHub:  

Source on Github

Now supports KSP-AVC

Change Log:


v1.6.2.1 Long Lost Update!
- Fixed hotkey reassignment in config file not working.  Git Issue #1
- minor cosmetic refactoring (no functional changes)

v1.6.2 Long Lost Update!
- Recompiled for KSP 1.4.x compatibility 
- updated code for vessle worldCOM and vessel localMOI changes in KSP structure.
- Added KSP-AVC support (version file added)

v1.6.1 (first version published by Papa_Joe)
- KSP 1.1.3 compatibility
- Change of authors.  Restructured mod to fit standard mod distribution structure
- Restructured solution to automate build, deploy and distribution.
- Cleaned up code to enforce strict typing.

 This mod was created by and is copyright Paolo Encarnacion (BahamutoD)
 Portions of this Mod are modified by Joe Korinek (Papa_Joe) to ensure continued functionality for its original purpose.

v1.6.0 (last version published by BahamutoD)
- KSP 1.1 compatibility

 - Fixed autoSnap feature for LOCKED mode

 - KSP 1.0+ compatibility
 - Changed CHASE mode to LOCKED mode
 - Disabled setFOV (now a stock feature)
 - Disabled by default
 - Removed experimental mouse control
 - Added appropriate License file to ensure license compliance.

 - 0.24 update
 - fixed weird snapping when rotating view

 - Added config value for disabling the "Auto" camera (requested)
 - Added config value for automatically snapping camera to default
       angle (like the old behavior)
 - Attempt to improve vtol mode
 - Added experimental mouse control (Right-alt while ICC is enabled)

 - Changed default toggle key to Tab
 - Toggle key now configurable
 - Default view angle now configurable
 - Free chase view doesn't snap back to default view when moved(toggle off-on to reset)
 - Disabled during EVA (it's glitchy)
 - Field of view is configurable
 - Fixed: Free chase camera was jerky during high-G turns
 - Fixed screen messages
 - Set as enabled by default (configurable)

 - Changed behavior in free chase mode when forward velocity is less than 50m/s to make it work better with VTOLs

 - Added free chase mode

 - Released improved chase mode.


What is Improved Chase Camera?

This plugin gives you the option to make the camera follow your surface velocity vector.

This gives you a better feeling on how your plane is moving, its angle of attack, sideslip, etc.

Press Tab to toggle.

(You can change the key in settings.cfg).

Toggling it off and on will bring it back to the default view angle.

Set autoSnap to true in the config to have it always snap back to default angle.

The default view angle can be changed in the config file as well.

Two modes:

1. Toggle while in Locked mode: Camera rolls with plane.

2. Toggle while in Free mode: Camera stays level.

Chase mode:



Free chase mode:


All credit for this mod Goes to @BahamutoD.  License remains GPLv3


Edited by Papa_Joe
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4 hours ago, ZobrAA said:

@Papa_Joe Thx for this great mod!

But here is bugreport: changing the hotkey in settings.cfg not working. Enabling/disabling improved camera any way work only via Tab key, which I use for precise control... :(

Thanks.  I'll take a look.

Update:  found the issue.  Changes to KSP since 1.1, and Module Manager's caching expectations required the relocation of the settings.cfg file to the plugin/PluginData Folder, comforming with KSP suggested mod folder structure.  The settings were no longer being captured by KSP and necessitated a load of the config file in the mod before searching for the config data.  I updated the code to load and read the config file properly.

New Release out:  

v1.6.2.1 Long Lost Update!
- Fixed hotkey reassignment in config file not working.  Git Issue #1
- minor cosmetic refactoring (no functional changes)

Edited by Papa_Joe
results of investigation and new release
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On 4/22/2019 at 9:25 PM, Shadowscale said:

Is anybody interested in updating this for the new version? For some reason, it won't work despite a recompile and no errors. 

I'm going to be adopting this mod, hopefully it will work in 1.7.3

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