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Sentinel Asteroid mapping stopped working (Solved!)


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Hi all, i have 1.4.2 and MH installed, and i tested three contracts to map asteroids endangering Kerbin or crossing orbits of Duna and Jool.

Everything seems to work until the mapping itself, i get a positive for having a sentinel on board (new launch/ vessel clearly), i get a positive for matching the desired orbit (allways prograde to sun), i activate the sentinel telescope to start mapping the roids (get confirmation text on screen) but then it seems that no mapping occurs, i played on, warped alot, (I have a working commnet connection and can transmit science btw), but still no dice.

No roids are mapped after almost 2 Kerbin years.

I guess this is a new bug, Kopernicus and SVT cause this! Sorry all!  :blush::blush::blush: can someone confirm this or is it allready on the bugtracker? (I have no login)

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Oh-oh... i have Kopernicus and Stock Visual Enhancements (SVT) installed... I really wasn`t aware this would mess it up that way...!

Shame on me...:blush:

But thank you both for clearing this up!

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4 hours ago, Mikki said:

Shame on me...:blush:

Oh, no.... no problem! I'm still a little new at this myself, but I've learned when bug-hunting, having a mod installed adds in all sorts of variables, because of the way they potentially change the game. But because @bewing and I both tested different versions of the stock game, and got nothing, then it suggests it's one of your mods that's acting up.

I would check the two mod threads you mentioned, or contact the mod-makers.... politely... and see if any of them are aware of this issue. :)

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I know the thread is old, and yes, Kopernicus is the problem of this "bug".
But in case anyone finds it and wants to fix their problem with Kopernicus disabling asteroid spawning by default, go to:
Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Kopernicus\Config\Kopernicus_Config.cfg
and change
UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem = true
UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem = stock

After the change i got 2 asteroids within 30 seconds of restarting my game, but keep in mind, the setting is only supposed to be used with stock-like solar systems (like OPM)

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