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[1.9.x-1.12.x] StationKeeping Restationed - Precise Synchronous Orbits


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7 minutes ago, stk2008 said:

ah yeah I am not gonna lie I have no clue what all the terms mean but if it failes it should not use up the fuel at least?.

Yeah that is unexpected, and possibly a bug, but less worse than it both using all the fuel up and putting your ship in an unstable orbit or smashing it into the ground. 

I certainly get confused by all the many acronyms. Usually end up trying a few things and reverting in frustration until I work out that it's actual rocket science, and that is actually quite tricksy.

Also... if you get really stuck... ALT+F12 and cheat the orbit (which also allows cheating in other values). I'm of the opinion that KSP is meant to be fun, and if you're 99% of the way there (or some bug gets ya), ALT+F12 is basically like you're in Space Command and some smart dude has a solution to fix the problem "Yeah, we can just use some solar pressure on the panels to jig the dilithium capacitors to a negative flux, and yeah... that'll fix that."

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Oh I am sure this mod works perfect when theres not some monkey behind the controls :P but then again takes some one like me to find bugs some times.

Yeah who would have thought rocket science is hard.

Also I have been using hyper edit to get into orbit to test a few things this mod being one of them.

I am really only messing about but thats how I roll.



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16 hours ago, stk2008 said:

Also I have been using hyper edit to get into orbit to test a few things this mod being one of them.

I also use KRASH to simulate (with lowest costs setting) builds before I "really" fly them, but HyperEdit and also VesselMover for various reasons, and F12 cheats all the time. Even while playing, don't want bugs and krakens taking away the "fun".

As for station keeping, things I learned (from memory, I still have to work it out each time):

- MechJeb Manoeuvre Planner has a "Resonant Orbit" helper where you can change your orbit to any N / M phase orbit to get the right orbits. I think 2/3 does a diving change and 4/3 does a climbing.

- MechJeb Manouevre Planner's "Transfer" has a "Fractional Target Period Offset" which is handy if you want to add in multiple launches (or fix) things, setting this to 0.333 puts you 1/3 orbit ahead, and -0.333 a 1/3 behind but in the same orbit. Sometimes I'll add in a sat and put it into a much higher orbit and use this to insert it at the right place.

I also love this companion mod, which can even set up manoeuvre nodes and execute them with MechJeb. I'm pretty sure you may know this, but some readers may not.


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