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Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. - Constellation Forming Challenges

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Calling all Kerbinauts,

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. has released a part mod, containing SSTL Satellites. In our first release of this mod we have the 300S1 satellite and launch ring adaptor. As features and more satellite parts are added to this mod we hope to set some interesting and unique challenges to the community using our satellites. However for now our first challenge is relatively simple.

Constellation Challenge #1 - Start date 06/04/2018:

Set up a constellation of a number of "SSTL 300S1" satellites from a single launch around Kerbin such that in any one standard Kerbin day 95% of Kerbin is scanned and mapped. 


  1. Stock parts only apart from those found in the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. - Satellite Pack
  2. Must use the SCANsat mod (default settings) to map the Kerbin biome
  3. Prior to starting the scanning period (i.e. 6 hour Kerbin day) all previous scanned data of Kerbin should be cleared. 

[NB: Rules will be updated if required, if clarity is required. This is our first challenge so we may mess things up]


Score = total cost of launcher and components used (including 300S1 satellites) * the total mission time in seconds since launch


  1. Supply some images from launch to final global coverage and post below

Leader board:

Winner is the person with the lowest score

Name Score

Enjoy and have fun!

SSTL Outreach Team


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Got 4 satellites up on a single Ariane 64. Launched to a 90 degree orbit and dropped off two, boosted to a higher apogee, did a plane change so it was 90 degrees parallel and dropped back down to a low circular. Before I get too far, what is the idea altitude for the scanner?

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