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This is the thread for my book-YouTube series, Project Seeker.

News is in the comment below.

Table of contents:



Chapter I-Holey Moho!- Here

Chapter II - The KSS Salvation - Page 1

Chapter III- Page 1

Chapter IV - 1

Chapter V - 1

Chapter VI - 1

Chapter VII - 1

Solar System Layout


System Layout

Kerbol - The Kerbal systems star

Moho - No change for the planet itself. A brown potato. In Kerbal mythology, a place of lava rivers. Gilly orbits it in a very close orbit. 

Gilly - Known as the Guardian of Moho. See [Moho] A fragment of Eden, thrown forcefully into Moho's SOI.

Eve - No change to the planet itself. Gilly no longer orbits. Rumor has it there is a wrecked KSC there.

Kerbin - No change to the planet itself. Minmus no longer orbits. Mun is in a highly inclined orbit.

Europa - A watery, tidally locked planet,  crossing Kerbins path.

Mun - Highly  inclined. Highly eccentric orbit.

Dres - Trails Kerbin, much like Harvest would have done.

Europa - Orbits behind Kerbin, in a slightly elliptical orbit.

Minmus - Orbits Dres.

Duna - Pol and Bop now orbit.

Pol - Equatorial orbit around Duna at about 900km

Bop - inclined orbit around Duna at about 1M

Jool - moved toward Dres' orbit, has rings.

Laythe - no change

Vall - No change

Tylo - No change

Sarnus system - Scaled to Jool's new orbit

Ike - a small black dwarf planet orbiting between Sarnus and Urlum.

Rest of OPM -  scaled to Sarnus' new orbit




This has been abandoned.


Prelouge: In the begining, there was Eden. Eden was a beautiful planet, with lush hills. Creatures called "Darbels" lived there. But eventually, Eden was decimated by TX and Eden's highly toxic moon, Serpent crashed there. Some Darbels fled, some to unknown regions, some to Kerbin, where they shed their purple toxin-resistant skin, some to Duna, where their scales turned blue, to protect from the harsh cold, and the remaining population of Eve sealed themselves in a pocket universe, living in eternal peace.


Prolouge: And now, 90,002 years after the decimation of Eden, Kerbin is thriving. There is a ship called the K.S.S. Inspiration on its way to a Jool Aerobrake, and another called the X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX orbiting XXXX. Sadly though, not all Kerbals support Kolinization. The X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX is the XXXXXXXXXXXX of the XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX. XX, XXX XXX XXXX XXXX, life is good.


Chapter 1: Holey Moho!

Gene Kerman walked into Tracker room 01 of the KSC Tracking Station. The little Mystery Goo inside twisted itself into a shape that, very clearly asked "Hiya, Gene! Whatcha doing here?"

It was creepy and uncanny how Goo could say exactly what they wanted without talking.

"Hi, Goo," Gene said. "I got bored, so I walked in to check on the mission status."

"Well, then, don't let me bother you!" the Goo ... twisted? said? expressed? 

"I'll flash a warning on-screen if anything happens," the Mechanical Jebidiah unit in the room said.



" 'Kay, Jeb. Now, let's see..."



"Oh, yes, um, Jeb, zoom out, activate instruments."

"On it!"



"Deactivate notifications."



"Show Relays, Probes, Ships, Stations. Then zoom out, switch to holo-mouse control."






Hmm, Gene thought. Where's the Tracked Objects list?

"Jeb? Where's the Tracked Objects List?"

"Huh. Um, main computer, where's the Tracked Objects List?"

"Huh," a new voice said, presumably the TSMC. "KSC Central, have you any idea where the Tracked Objects list is?"

"Hmm," the voice of the KSCCC said, "I don't know..."


The whole room fell into silence. If the KSC Central couldn't figure something out, no-one could.




Then Gene spoke up, addressing all the computers in the room, the Goo, and all the workers inside the TS at the time.

"Well, --"


"What the Kraken?!!"


And Gene ran.



I promise, the Seeker Project is very far from over...

(I know it made no freaking sense but it will be critical to the later story)


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Current latest chapter: Chapter 7 - "Waitwaitwait, we're rescuing who, now?"

Update! I've uninstalled SVE and installed AVP!


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New News!

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On 4/7/2018 at 8:20 AM, HansonKerman said:

I have uninstalled KS3P because it lowered my visibility.

You could have just lowered the settings, as the default ones are quite overpowered

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Oh, okay. Thanks, @DeltaDizzy!

Hope you're liking the story so far (I'm not super great at writing)

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1 minute ago, HansonKerman said:

Hope you're liking the story so far

It's definitely interesting enough that I want more...

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Well then, you're in luck! 

Chapter II - The K.S.S. Salvation




The aftermath.


The Station, completely destroyed by an unknown object.


So many Kerbals, dead.


The KSC, completely blind.


And Gene Kerman, presumed dead.


But, quick as a flash production of the RFC0CU2.png started. The RFC0CU2.png was designed to be a remote control point in a polar orbit, manned by Kerbals, with 2oZWUPoi.png units on it.


In the end, it looked disturbingly like the X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX.



In the end, the blueprint looked like this:



The K.S.S. Salvation. The Kerbal's largest endeavor. Soon to be seen if it will work.


I promise, the Seeker project is very far from over...

Blueprints brought to you by Kronal Vessel Veiwer.


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Did any of you notice that in this pic: vlu0bmZ.png


Dres isn't where it's supposed to be? Nope, that's Talus. Where's Dres?

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Is this based on the films by @Matt Lowne, because this seems a lot like Expedition Eve, and Duna Attacks!, as they have the TX, and the "Darbels"


Sorry if I spoiled anything.

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No, not really, the Darblels and TX were just references for the backstory. But I will be leaking more backstory as the story itself continues. Feel free to PM me with writing advice (it really helps)! But those movies were awesome! :D 

The Prelouge was completely based on EE and AK (After Kerbin), though.

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Chapter 3 - Smart Parts

Wherner and Bill were standing in front of a Monopropellant Tank.

"Why, again, Bill are we standing in front of a mono prop tank?"

"To test the parts from Orbital Intelligence."FkgJefH.png


The Complete and Definite Guide To Kerbal Parts has this to say on Orbital Intelligence.


>P Orbital Intelligence is a manufacturer of automated parts that usually deal in proximity sensors, valves, detectors, and the like. Here for more info.

>P The Smart Parts that they sell are considerably new.

>P Not much else is known about them, because there is nothing else to know. They are a small group dealing in... See Paragraph 1.

>E End Entry


Bill Kerman was showing Wherner von Kermulan  Kerman the V1 Valve and Rescourse Detector.

" And you're sure these work." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, Wherner."


"Wherner, I'm telling you, these parts will revolutionize travel!"

" You said that about MSIs Infernal Robotics line."

"And they did!"

"Oh.   Good point. Alright, tell me about these..."



"... Smart Parts."


"Alright, so the orange rectangle- that's the red and green and orange rectangle- is the recourse level detector. It'll turn the lights on when the mono prop tank reaches 0%. And the black pipe here is the valve, to drain out the mono prop."


"Computer, activate the V1 Valve."










Me: "Oh, dagnabit!"


I promise, the Seeker Project is very far from over.


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Chapter 4 - Hey, you forget the Salvation?

>find/ship/K.S.S. Salvation

> crew

> captin Naemy Kerman

> engineer nonspecial Hanson Kerman

> scientist specialist Svetlana Kerman

> blueprint KHhANDL.png


> staging 4TI0UYt.png


"Fix staging, merge S6 & S5."

> staging LIWSmPI.png



"Computer, countdown."







The thundering of the "great green bomb", as her crew called it, rattled in Naemy Kerman's sound sensors. How she wished she could see something.


The decoupler sound rattled in everyones sound sensors as the first stage separated from the second.




"Exiting atmosphere in 43 seconds!" the ship computer's voice rang through the ship.

"Faring deploy!"



"INsert into orbit!"



"And now, just the circularization to go!"

And.. done!


"Alright now, Hanson, EVA, make sure we didn't fry anything."

Hanson was a non-specialist. A bluesuit. A kid. The  bottom of the mission. The only way he'd be in command would be if no-one else had survived the mission.

"Alright, Cap! Well at least it's a nice view," he muttered under his breath.


So, he transfered to the airlock, read some magazines, did a survey of the ship, and went back inside.

"A-okay, Cap! Nothing fried, broken, damaged, boomed, or poofed!"

"Alright, thanks, Hanson, I think this would be a good time to end the chapter, what do you think?"



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Episode 5 - The K.S.S. Firestar


In which you learn about the X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX



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Chapter 6 - Enter Captin Stella Kerman

Stellala Kerman woke up to the sound of pinging, the ominous prophecy ringing in her ears.

 Ping... ping... ping...

It had been 3 days since she ... had it, so to speak.

Ping... ping... ping...






Well, Kraken k**p.

ping... ping..--

"Oh, put a sock in it."

"Sorry, Captain."

Stellala sighed.

" 'S fine, computer."

"Perhaps you would like to hear the prophecy again, study it?"

Stellala Kerman almost never deviated from her schedule.


"Current time: 1:11.


1:00 Wake Up.

1:10 Ponder the prophecy.

2:18: Faint from the pure gee-force of the aerobrake or something.

Schedule ends."

"Well then?"

"Oh, yes, the Prophecy."

Stellala had had the Prophecy 3 days ago. She dreamed of starships burning up, Kerbin exploding, starships disappearing, and agony. Fear. Pain. Anger. All of it so deep within the fabric of the battle she was watching that she felt her hands and limbs were coming off by the sheer force of it. And she couldn't look away, no matter how hard she tried.

Her arms came off.

She started crying. 

She was no more than a head.

Then, a stray energy pulse engulfed her, and she... died?

She woke up screaming.

But not nonsense screaming. Yes, there was a little, "Mommy!" and "KASA, help!"

But most of it... yes, under it all, this.

" A big problem starts from a speck,

a tiny mote of nothing.

A tiny problem grows such that nothing can destroy it.


Something is coming.

A tiny problem will soon arise 

And come from a Star of Fire.

This tiny problem shall destroy the worlds

If we cannot

Meet it.

Something is coming

Something is coming.

Two sisters shall be the spearhead,

The leader of it all.

And it

Will all come from the tiny Star of Fire.


Something is coming to destroy the worlds

Something is coming to scorch the ships

Something will come to destroy the Kerbals

Unless the lost center of the Darbels can be found".


"Hmmm... Star of Fire ... !"

She gasped. 

"It's... the Firestar!"


Oh. Right. 

"Shall I pick up the transmission, Captin Stella?"

"Go ahead, computer!"

"This is an important message from KASA. The K.S.S. Firestar has recently disappeared off of all sensors. Please don't worry about the A*()__KOL(*^^&%%^&%^%Z [email protected]#$%^ anymore. Thank you. Message repeat. This is an important message from KASA. The K.S.S. Firestar has recently disappeared off of all sensors. Please don't worry about the A*^I *())(*(*(&*T G(*(*)*(*))(*p anymore. Thank you. Message ends."


"Phew! For a second there, I thought that we were all dead!”


Then she thought a bit and said,

”I wonder where the Firestar went.”


“Probably a bug.”

Then the pressure alarm went on.




"Pressure alarm. Breach. Fourth wall. Chapter ends."





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@HansonKerman since you are getting into this now, it might be a good idea to pay this thread a visit...


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Hey, peeps, I've been taking some time off KSP, don't know when I'll get back to it, I'm busy with Starbound, schoolwork, blah, so here's an interlude to pass the time.


Interlude I 

Between Chapter VI and Chapter VII

EVA Log - May 1, 2095 KCE, Nattalian Kerman



I wake up from a coma. The last week is a blur. The most recent thing I remember is the Firestar vanishing. I EVA, let go, time seems to speed up with just a thought and... poof! Weird. Hmm. Wonder if I'm dreaming. Ow. Nope! Huh. So, I'm floating out in space. Well, one Kerbal closer to complete extinction. 

And I'm talking to nobody. Well, on the chance that someone reads/listens to this log, I'll start from the beginning. My name is [FILE CORRUPTED] Kerman. Sister to Modrin Kerman. We've had a rivalry going with Val and her brother, Jeb. Ugh, the stuck-up brats. Fine, admittedly, they're actually pretty good pilots. But I should have won that shiny trophy at that air race. How was I supposed to know they allowed sibling duos? Just because it was on the poster- fine. Anyway, about me. Nattalian Kerman. Modrin's my sister. And both of us are better pilots than Valentina Kerman. I am - or was, I might be dead - the chief engineer aboard the K.S.S. [FILE CORRUPTED]r.

And I am strictly opposed to all kolinization. It contaminates planets, all life! I'm not afraid to drive the entire Kerbal race to extinction if it means the survival of other races. There's this whole musical number, <on tape, Nattalian procures a small sheet of paper and holds it up to the camera> it needs two Kerbals though. Whatever. <she puts the sheet away> So, I'm in a bit of a not-so-tight not-squeeze here. Exactly the opposite, in fact. I have a throbbing headache, and there is literally nobody here. Loneliness. That's what I'm feeling right now. Modrin's somewhere in Moho orbit... wait, shouldn't I be too? I'm where I want to be... Kerbin orbit, but... Huh. Must've been a freak wormhole or something. Well, I can... move. You learn something new every day. Find new stuff to learn. So. Stranded. In Kerbin orbit. Alone. No backup. And a part of the anti-kolinization group. Well, [IT'S GOOD LUCK ON THE RECOVERY TEAM'S PART THAT THIS PART OF THE FILE WAS CORRUPTED, BECAUSE IT WAS FILLED WITH ALL MANNER OF RUDE TALK THAT NO SELF-RESPECTING PERSON WOULD WANT TO READ. IN FACT, NO-ONE IS REALLY SURE THAT THE RECOVERY TEAM DIDN'T CORRUPT THIS PART OF THE TAPE ON PURPOSE. WELL, ONE LESS LONG STRING OF SWEARS IN LIFE NOW]. Anyway, now that's off my chest... wait. Incoming transmission? Patch it through, computer. [EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE PARAGRAPH, THE PICTURE HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY FUZZY, SAME WITH THE SOUND. PAST THIS POINT, THE FILE IS COMPLETELY CORRUPTED, AND IRREPARABLE. FURTHER ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED TO FIND OUT THE REST OF THE TAPE, SO BASICALLY, THAT'S THE END, OR AT LEAST THE END OF ANYTHING INTELLIGIBLE.]


The end. Hope you enjoyed this short interlude.

I promise, the Seeker project will (probably) make a comeback...


Note: I don’t actually intend to have a musical number.

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Posted (edited)

Hrrmmm... got some time.


Interlude II

Between Chapter VI and Chapter VII

Two (2) KSP Daily* newspaper clippings

*The KSP Daily is the official Kerbal Space Program newspaper, read by all KSC workers.
The KSP Daily            April 31, 2095 K.C.E.
In a freak Code-7, the KSC Tracking Station Hub has been completely destroyed, along with priceless machinery, the Tracking Station Central Computer itself, and many lives. No-one yet knows the cause of the orbital debris, other than the fact that 9 of the largest S4- series tanks, suddenly materialized out of nowhere. Field reporters, such as Billy-Bobsy and Spinkles Kerman, are still attempting to find out the cause. Gene Kerman is presumed dead, but we have no proof of this, other than the fact that 800,000,000 tons of metal, suddenly dropped on him. Perfectly reasonable to assume that he's alive. Right?
The KSP Daily            May 1, 2095 K.C.E.
In an unusual accident involving Nattalian Kerman, the K.S.S. Firestar, and time, the K.S.S. Firestar has mysteriously disappeared off all screens. Although this may be because all the transponders have been dismantled, after all, it is a starship filled with criminals, or maybe because the K.S.S. Salvation has no really, actually... err... working, Tracking Screen, it's a lot more likely that it just disappeared through a wormhole or something. Further field work is encouraged.
I promise, the Seeker Project is slightly more likely than last time to make a comeback...
Edited by HansonKerman
Bolded “headlines”

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Okay, trying to make these nightly, but don't count on it.

Interlude III

Be'twixit Chapter VI and Chapter VII

D.C.E. (Darbel Common Era) Timeline


---- c. 0 D.C.E. Darbels discover space

- c. 1 D.C.E. Artificial Intelligence perfected.

---- c. 3 D.C.E. Inter-dimensional portals are revolutionized, and have become much more reliable.

---- 20 D.C.E. Darbels launch first satellite, Backup 1. Contains coordinates of ESC (Eden Space Center), photos of key ESC staff, and "Hello" in 20 different Edenian languages.

---- 20-22 D.C.E. Backup2-4 launched. Everything important to the Darbels is stored in these satellites. Also in all of the satellites is an emergency transponder message, designed to repeatedly brodcast an SOS throughout space, time, and reality, until help arrives.

- 200 D.C.E. Space travel perfected. Cruises to Serpent are commonplace now.

-2000 D.C.E. Space luxury perfected. Flying hotels to the moons of Pearl are commonplace now. Teleporters perfected. No need for all that pesky intermediate space anymore!




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Project Seekers Comeback!

Interlude  IV

Between Chapter 6 and 7...

The Comeback!


Heck yea!

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Posted (edited)


Chapter VII

"Waitwaitwait, we're rescuing who, now?"


Spinkles walked into Mission Controls most intimidating office (and main office... and conference room...).

"Hiya, Spinkles!"

"What- oh, hi, Billy-Bob! You here to report as well?"


"Well then, time to go!"



The whole team was there. Gene's third grandfather, Kranz Kerman, Wilden, Hayden, Joody, and the reporters, Spinkles and Billy-Bobsy. Kranz stood up.


Kranz at far right (standing)

"Silence, please!"


The whole room was silent.

"As you know, Natallian Kerman is stranded in orbit around Kerbin. Our next mission: rescue her."

There was a terrible ghastly noise.


The whole room was silent.

"Now, I know this is weird, but you know our motto: "No kerbal left behind".

"What? I thought it was "Peace"! Huh."

"I thought it was "Do not poof a kerbal on purpose"."

"The space program has a motto?"

"Quiet, everybody!!"

"That's our next mission, because no kerbal deserves to die. Wilden!"


"An unkerbed craft, one MechJeb unit, one one-kerbal cabin."

"Yes, sir!"

And so, bet you can guess that the next chapter will be...


Sneak peek at the next chapter: The Rescue of Natallian Kerman.





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Oh, and another interlude

Between Chapter VII and VIII

Interlude I

One KSP Daily clipping


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I got fed up with not being able to use the TS. 

Also, I got KASu working for me!

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