[1.3.1][1.4.4][v0.5.6b] History of Spaceflight - Contract Pack for Stock/RSS/RP-0/RP-1

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1 hour ago, Frylovespi said:

Hey Guys,

 Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention and I will be able to look into it soon. Cancer is a horrible beast and it has finally claimed my 2 loved ones. I will be back in early December after mourning and a vacation to fix those problems and have time to work on expanding the mod and adding a new version that includes just the highlights of all the missions launched to date. A sort of mini version of the mod for stock.

My condolences! Take the time you need, of course.

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Actually I'm working on fixing intents and white spaces, to give all configs a convenient and consistent look.

Because that is a boring and repetetive work (although using Notepad++), the first PR will be for the stock folder.

Because it's easier to see and fix errors when the config is properly formatted with intends and line breaks.

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What is wrong with CC? For heaven's f s.

Starting a new career, Kosmos-20 is available from the beginning ... what?

This does not make any sense.

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I really enjoy this mod, by the amount of mission, by the fact that i've learned a lot about the first satellites.

A small question: why do some mission have negative rewards (as Discoverer-10)? It's the ones that historically failed?

If I could suggest improvements to the mod:
- a mission like Explorer-6 currently requires only to put the satellite in a specific orbit. However, the description of historical mission states that the mission was taking photographs. I could suggest to also require to make and transmit a scientific experiment (like status report)
- Sputnik-1 could also have a status report as requirement to validate the mission (like already have Sputnik-2, which requires any scientific experiment to be transmitted).
In reality, it's nearly all the satellite that reached orbit that could have this condition to validate the mission :)

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